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Welcome to Cavemantraining, the home of insane kettlebell workouts that turn YOU into a new you. We have it all, from beginner to advanced, from lower-body to full-body, from strength to endurance, from cardio to flexibility, and we pay particular attention to mobility and safety.


Where to start?

If you’re not familiar with our website yet, here’s how you can get stuck into some awesome workouts:


THE BIG FOUR: Kettlebell Strength Workout

If you’re looking for a kettlebell strength workout where your muscles feel like they’re gonna pop at the end, this is it! Four simple but extremely effective kettlebell exercises: press, squat, pull, and push. The workout involves the following kettlebell strength exercises: double kettlebell strict press double kettlebell front squat double kettlebell bent over dead row […]

Quicksilver Kettlebell Cardio Workout

First published in early 2019 and updated in late 2021. So simple but so grueling and awesome!   50 kettlebell hang cleans 50 kettlebell single-arm swings 50 kettlebell half snatches Repeat 3 times FOR TIME   This free follow-along kettlebell workout has the following videos: Introduction video (viewed in the header) Warm-up technique video (unlocked below) […]

EINAR — A Workout With Kettlebell, Dumbell, and Bar (pull-up)

EINAR—One Who Fights Alone This is a workout where I combine the kettlebell, dumbbell, and bar in one workout. Let’s dive straight into the workout.   Task 1 Male Rx 20kg/44lbs kettlebell  Female Rx 16kg/35.2lbs kettlebell 5 x Single-Arm Hip Hinge Swing (each side) 4 x CrossFit Burpee 2 x Strict Pull-Up 1 x Positive […]

MAXE2MOM CrossFit Barbell Complex

Rx weight 95lbs for male and 65lbs for female. MAX E2MOM Meaning, go for max rounds possible with a 30lbs/20lbs weight increase at the 30-minute mark. A round is every two minutes on the timer. The MAXE2MOM barbell complex: Deadlift Clean Squat Jerk Hang power clean Jerk Alternating racked reverse lunge Repeat once more all […]

MBG Kettlebell Combo

This kettlebell combo has been named MBG after one of our Caveman Inner Circle members, Matthew Brandon Garner. The combo is a dead swing into triceps push-up. Although it can be performed with lightweight and a slower push-up, this combination is more suited to be performed with heavy weight and explosive. A great kettlebell combo […]

WOD JEAN DOE—An intense workout

Exercise A Jump rope Exercise B CrossFit burpees   20 x A 8 x B 40 x A 8 x B 60 x A 8 x B Continue till you’re at 200, i.e. the last set is 200 x A 8 x B Then finish with 100 Gorilla cleans. FOR TIME   Gorilla cleans are […]

Kettlebell Cardio Workout POWER COMPLEX

A kettlebell cardio workout to be performed with two kettlebells of lightweight. The complex consists of: Dead swing clean Squat Alternating press Half snatch Return to dead   Two ways you can perform this kettlebell workout. 12 minutes EMOM 3 reps of the combo 5 minutes AMRAP 1-minute rest and repeat 4 times   BURN […]

Kettlebell Workout RAMPAGE

This workout will destroy you, only to build you up. It ticks all the right boxes, explosive, high intensity, grind, strength, endurance, etc.   10 minutes AMQRAP of: 4 kettlebell dead snatches 1 reverse TGU Followed by: 10/10 TGU 100 half snatches   The full workout takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to complete […]

8 Minute Kettlebell Workout for Females

This workout is put together and demonstrated by our female trainer Anna Junghans but of course males can do the workout too! The workout is as follows and is performed with one light to medium kettlebell. 1 minute of double-arm kettlebell swings 1 minute of squat dead lift 30 seconds around the body 30 seconds […]

Iron Man Kettlebell Workout

This is the Iron Man Workout which consists of a 100 kettlebell swing buy-in followed by a 30-minute AMQRAP of military press, hang clean, and squat with two kettlebells. Yes, 30 minutes is a lot, so, pick your weight wisely, these are thirty minutes of quality work, we want as many quality reps as possible […]

Kettlebell Workout Nova

This is Nova, an advanced kettlebell workout. You buy in with 50 CrossFit burpees and then proceed to the main task with is 10 rounds FOR TIME of 6 double kettlebell half snatch and 3 overhead deadlifts each side. The whole workout should take about 18 to 25 minutes. Rx is 2 x 16kg/35lbs for […]

Kettlebell Workout Procerus Fortis 14

This workout requires two kettlebells, is 14 minutes in duration, and is a full-body workout for intermediate to advanced level of kettlebell training. You should have good overhead mobility, be able to clean, strict press, and most of all have the strength and stability to perform an overhead reverse lunge.   The Perfect Kettlebell Workout […]

Kettlebell Interval Workout MORTUUS GEMINUS 50

You need two kettlebells for this workout. I used 2 x 16kg/25lbs.   You need to be able to: Dead swing Half snatch Work with two kettlebells   Total workout time: 8 minutes. 40 rounds. Every 12 seconds you perform one repetition. The first 10 rounds you add an additional half snatch. In other words: [...]

MMA Training Tips for Beginners

MMA is of one the fastest growing sports this world has seen. Many people from all walks of life have gained an intense interest in starting to train. It could be an intimidating prospect for one to jump into the ring of a completely new world. If you are one of these people looking to […]

4 in 1 Kettlebell Workout—kettlebell workout full body

This workout was designed to incorporate aerobic, anaerobic, strength, and flexibility in one, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the kettlebell and our Cavemantraining kettlebell workouts. This kettlebell workout is a full body workout that has four tasks: 4 minutes of alternating kettlebell swings AMRAP 2 minutes rest 4 minutes of kettlebell strict press AMRAP (switch […]

Kettlebell Snatch Workout

This is a kettlebell snatch workout, it’s a killer workout! Snatches and runs for three AMRAP and then a FOR TIME task. I programmed adequate rest with a rep scheme that allows you to go all out for the duration of the tasks. The tasks are: 4/4 hang snatch 50m run 6m AMRAP 3 min […]

RKC Monster Workout

This is a monster workout involving rowing, kettlebells, and calisthenics. The tasks are as follows. Task 1 100 calorie rows or a 1.5k run FOR TIME Task 2 Kettlebell combo: Dead clean Dead snatch Swing snatch Overhead reverse lunge 8 minutes AMRAP Rx 24kg for men and 20kg for females Task 3 4 x push-ups ‘any’ […]

The Grinding Warrior Workout

This workout is all to be performed slow and grinding. 2 rounds with one kettlebell and the last two rounds with two kettlebells. Beginners should perform the workout without weight.   The video includes a warm-up, no special effects or titles, just the warm-up and workout. You could use it to work out at the […]

Killer. Killa. Workout

This kettlebell cardio workout is an absolute killer. If you like the gasping for air workouts, this is it.   You buy-in with 100 calories on the assault bike, 80 for females. Then you proceed with 12 rounds of: 4 snatch into overhead reverse lunge 4 push ups ‘any’ 8 calories on the assault bike […]

This workout will bring you to your knees!

This is what I baptized the World's Best Kettlebell Combo. It's an absolute killer! The combo consists of a half swing snatch and squat thruster. You're hip hinging, snatching, squatting, and thrusting. It gets pretty explosive and is extremely taxing on the system.   It's simple though, take on the challenge and perform 100 FOR [...]

The Undaunted Warrior Workout

You'll love this kettlebell workout! You need a Concept2 rower and 2 kettlebells. If you don't have a rower, you can replace the 100 cal rows with 100 kettlebell swings (it's actually easier, so, do 150 if your swing is good).   100 cals on the rower 50 burpee squat dead lifts 50 bent-over rows [...]

SHORT, HEAVY, AND EXPLOSIVE. A barbell + kettlebell workout

The workout is short, just 12 minutes AMRAP, that's all you need to walk away feeling like you accomplished something today. Start with a full body warm-up. Perform some light barbell cleans, kettlebell jerks, and kettlebell swings. Find about 60% to 70% of your 1RM on the barbell and kettlebell. Or use the following Rx [...]

World Kettlebell Video 3 Intermediate

This is an intermediate kettlebell workout using 1 kettlebell. 3 x squat dead lift L 3 x squat dead lift R Transition: Dead clean the other kettlebell 3 x strict presses L Transition: Swing switch 3 x strict presses R Transition: Single arm drop to dead in position for dead swing 4 x dead swing [...]

World Kettlebell Video 3 Beginner

A beginner kettlebell workout with 1 kettlebell. A full instructional video can be found below. Transition: Deadlift to a neutral stance 6 x hang lift (double-arm squat style) Transition: Double-arm dead clean 3 x presses L Transition: Double hand switch and clean 3 x presses R Transition: Double-arm backswing drop to dead in position for [...]

World Kettlebell Video 3 Advanced

This is an advanced kettlebell workout with 2 kettlebells. Transition: Dead clean and press one kettlebell 3 x Overhead deadlift L Transition: Drop 1kb to dead and dead clean to press the other 3 x Overhead deadlift R Transition: 1 kb hang clean to bring both in racking 6 x alternating presses Transition: Drop both [...]

Short, But Insane. A kettlebell workout

This workout is short, or rather, the tasks are short and have few reps, but the weights are heavy, hence the reason I kept the reps low. This is two rounds of short fast bursts of explosiveness. Finishing with pure strength, strict pull-ups, and triceps push-ups. All FOR TIME. 6 CrossFit burpees 4 double kettlebell [...]

A tough kettlebell workout—Raven 3×5 100

This workout has four tasks with some rest in between each. First task: 5 jump burpees 5 full snatches on each side 5-minute AMRAP 2-minute rest Rx weight: Male 1 x 16kg / 35.2lbs Female: 1 x 12kg / 26.4   Second task: 5 dead swing clean into squat 5 chest push-ups 5-minute AMRAP 2-minute [...]

Magnus Dorsi—A Kettlebell Back Workout

This is one of the best back workouts you can do at home. You can do it with one kettlebell, or up to three if you have them. Awesome strength workout for the back.

Kettlebell Drop Set Shoulder Workout

This workout focusses on the deltoids/shoulders and triceps. Your workout should start with a good shoulder warm-up, if you have a mace, you should use it for some swings mixed with other bodyweight exercises. Once you’re nice and warm, start your workout with the drop set of kettlebell strict shoulder presses. Take your time with […]

Roses and Babies 96—A HARDCORE WOD

Look, I could not stand to use another name like Workout From Hell 96, Torture Workout 96, or Killer Workout 96, so I went the complete opposite way, and the first thing that came to mind when thinking about this workout was roses and babies. Behold, I present to you... Roses and Babies 96 FOR [...]

World Kettlebell Video 2—The Gorilla Blackback Workout

Number one of the World Kettlebell Video was a huge success! Over 30 people from across the world participated, you can see the results in the three videos below.         ARE YOU READY FOR NUMBER TWO!? The second world kettlebell video workout is the Gorilla Blackback workout and has been designed as [...]

Gorilla Blackback Workout

For those that have been following Cavemantraining for a while, they know the Silverback Workout which was designed in 2016 and redone in 2018. A 20-minute AMRAP with low reps and medium weight. This is the new workout, which features exercises like Gorilla Rows and Gorilla Curls. Let's get stuck into it.   The Kettlebell Workout: [...]

Kronos Workout Shoulders Core And Legs

This is KRONOS. Kronos works the shoulders, thoracic, and legs. One kettlebell required.   FIRST PART Bent-over dead row Bent-over dead row and rotate Deadlift (hip hinge) Perform the sequence 5 times on one side. Performed on both sides equals one round. Complete 8 rounds in total.   SECOND PART Clean Spiral press Perform the kettlebell […]

A Kick-Ass Lower-body Kettlebell Workout

This is a kick-ass lower body kettlebell workout that's not for the faint of heart. First, let me start by saying that the overhead reverse lunge is not a beginners move, especially with 100 reps to complete. So, make sure you're up to this task before attempting it. I kept it super simple for this [...]

Training For The Shoulders, Thoracic, And Hips

Just three exercises performed 5 times on each side and for a total of ten rounds. It takes about 1:20 per round so in total a 12 to 15 minutes kettlebell workout.

Quick Kettlebell Cardio Workout Advanced

Another kettlebell workout along the lines of simple and quick. Simple as in its only four exercises and 3 reps per exercise, working only for 12 minutes. But advanced as in the movements and transitions. You can easily do this workout on its own or you can include it in your WODs as a task [...]

Simple Kettlebell Cardio Workout

As the name implies, it’s a simple kettlebell cardio workout with just 5 kettlebell exercises and easy-to-remember rep counts. I know you want this quick, so here it is: 10 x kettlebell swing 5 x racked squat (10 in total by performing a set on each side) 5 x overhead press (10 in total by […]

10 Functional Fitness Workouts

Here on Cavemantraining we’re big on functional fitness workouts. Workouts that include compound exercises, multi-joint movements, those that prepare you for daily tasks at work, in sport, or at home. Below is a list of our most popular functional fitness workouts that challenge the core muscles and use various muscles in the upper and lower […]

ZATANNA—A Full-body Kettlebell Complex

5 x around the body (L) 5 x around the body (R) 5 x overhead press 5 x front squat 5 x Russian swing 4 x single arm overhead press (L) 4 x single arm overhead press (R) 10 rounds After performing around the body left and right you catch the bell into one hand […]

Armory Workout—Turn Yourself Into a Lethal Weapon

This is an EMOM workout, every minute on the minute you start your task. Works like this: First minute complete: 4 x squat dead curl and press 4 single arm swings 4 x full snatches rest for the remainder of the minute (if any) Second minute: hold a static side plank for 30 seconds rest for […]

Kettlebell Workout For Females: Bums And Tums

Workout: Bums And Tums Target: Mainly lower-body Weight: One kettlebell light to medium Circuit A 10 x Russian swings 5 x front squats 4 x overhead reverse lunge (L) 4 x overhead reverse lunge (R) 5 rounds Circuit B Transition to the floor 10 x 45 degree seated press 10 x side leg raises 10 x side […]

Caveman Kettlebells Silverback Workout

I designed this 20-minute WOD in 2016 with low reps, medium weight, and a short time frame so that you can complete this workout going from one exercise into the next without overloading any of the muscle groups too much. It’s a nice quick and easy workout to get in on those days you don’t […]

The Man of Steel Workout

This workout is to be performed super slow, as slow as possible with the heaviest weight possible, all while maintaining good form & technique during the full range of motion.   This is The Man of Steel Workout   The workout is as follows: Combo 1 Dead swing clean Squat Press Combo to be performed on […]

Spartan Warrior for Crossfitters

This is the barbell version of our online kettlebell competition Spartan Warrior. Start in the racked position Start your timer Lower the barbell into a hang Clean immediately Jerk Keep the barbell overhead and arms locked out Perform a reverse lunge Knee touches the ground gently Come back up The barbell should still be overhead […]

Workout Mulhacén

This awesome workout is named after the mountain we’ll be doing a lot of our training on this year. It’s the highest mountain in Spain (mainland). The workout is as follows: 3 front squats 3 single arm swings 3 swing high pulls 3 full snatches Performed on the left side, repeat on the right, that […]

BBKB10-4—as in barbell and kettlebell equals okay!

Low reps. Light barbell just to work on technique. Go heavy with the kettlebell. Seek about 80 to 90% of your max. 4 hip hinge deadlifts (not squat style) 4 power cleans 4 single arm swings (aim for chest height) left 4 single arm swings (aim for chest height) right 4 jerks left 4 jerks [...]

The Best Upper-body Workout

If you could only do four exercises for the upper-body, then this would be the best upper-body workout. This workout hits the front and rear delts, the lats and upper trapezius. All super important muscles for good upper-body strength.   4 Upper-body Exercises Shoulder press Bent-over dead row Pull-up Shrug   Targets: Anterior delt Posterior […]

Fourforty WOD

This is Fourforty WOD. 3 tasks, 2 AMRAP, and 1 FOR TIME. Complete and post online. A video of the workout can be unlocked further below.   Your First Task 4 squats 4 crossfit burpees 4 dead clean and press left 4 dead clean and press right 8 minutes AMRAP 2 minutes rest   Your […]

FIVE UNBROKEN—an endurance workout

Five Unbroken requires one kettlebell, nice and heavy, but just right so you can complete the full five minutes of all 4 tasks. The rules are: One kettlebell for all four tasks (choose wisely) Unbroken or none of the reps for that tasks count Unbroken means you can’t put the kettlebell down Form and technique […]

WOD Titus—just 19 minutes… easy

  5 minutes of half snatch Unlimited switches Unbroken 2 minutes rest 2 x kettlebell combo: clean & jerk, hang clean and press 4 x crossfit burpees 8 minutes AMRAP 3 minutes rest Racked reverse lunges 6 minutes AMRAP

Colossus WOD—turn yourself into a steel machine

Colossus WOD is simple, but don’t confuse that with easy. This WODs main component is the UKC (Ultimate Kettlebell Combo).   Turn yourself into a steel machine     6 minutes of UKC AMRAP 4 minutes of 50 bent-over rows 6 minutes of UKC AMRAP 4 minutes of 40 bent-over rows 6 minutes of UKC […]

Drax The Chipper—AIW (another insane WOD)

Once in a while you need to do an insane WOD, this is it! 100 Jumping Jacks 050 Tricep Push-ups 100 Hang Clean Jerks 050 CrossFit Burpees 100 Swings 050 Squat Thrusters 450 reps in total FOR TIME! Download Rx weights, movements standards, and more info on the workout further below.   Task one and […]


Today’s workout goes from swinging to snatching, from squatting to pressing. Increasing duration with scheduled rest, ending with a task for time. The first task consists of: 8 single arm swings 6 full snatches 4 racked squats 2 strict presses (up phase) AMRAP Buy in is 10 CrossFit burpees. Time per AMRAP is as follows: […]

WOD CT10.4—With Heavy Deadlifts

This workout consists of three tasks, first one is for strength, heavy deadlifts, swings, and presses. The second task is medium weight working on explosiveness and plyometrics, double kettlebell clean and jerk, and wall ball. The third task is to work on mobility, shoulders, thoracic, hips etc.   Task One This task is about strength, you’ll […]

WOD CT10.2—a serious challenge

This WOD is for those wanting a serious challenge! Your first task is 10 minutes for endurance, break the set and none of your reps count. Rest for 4 minutes, and complete another 10-minute task, this time for speed and reps.   Here’s the full workout: 10 minute of clean and jerk with one kettlebell […]

How to score AMRAP workouts

Scoring AMRAP workouts appropriately is super important in competitive exercise. Use the following formulas when calculating your score for AMRAP workouts published on Cavemantraining, or elsewhere.   I’ve been programming, running, and participating in WODs for over a decade now, here’s my experience on how to score them, feel free to use and share.   […]

WOD Featuring The Overhead Deadlift: Controversial

To tell you the truth, I expected no less. I posted, and it stirred the pot. A while ago I started doing overhead squat deadlifts, and they’re awesome, today I wanted to share it with the CrossFit community, and it received a whole lot of funny meme’s (always enjoy a good meme battle), but also […]

The HULK Test—Can you smash it?

The HULK Test is an incredibly well-designed kettlebell workout/test. Complete it to release your inner beast!   The test is as follows: 1 minute of strict presses with double kettlebells weighing approx. 70% of your 1RM 2 minutes of half snatch into a squat with double kettlebells of medium weight 5 minutes rest If you’re […]

RLC—the follow up to CLC—a Hardcore WOD

This is RLC, the follow up to CLC, both hardcore WODs. These two can be done in the same week, with a day or two rest in between. This one has more rounds but has fewer reps than CLC (cycle long cycle). Still the same effect, cardio, resistance, cardio, resistance. If you’re new to the kettlebell […]

SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE—a kettlebell workout

This workout is simple but effective, simple as in it only involves the hang clean, press, lunge, and jumping jack. Effective as in it works the lower-body, upper-body, and your cardio. The workout ‘SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE’: Hang clean Reverse lunge and kneel Front press Hang clean Reverse lunge and kneel Side press Hang clean Reverse […]

The Juggernaut WOD—mercilessly destructive and unstoppable

This WOD will destroy you, then it will build you up, do it frequently and it will turn you into a Juggernaut. Your First Task Dead to overhead (two heavy kettlebells) x 3 CrossFit burpees x 6 Slamball over shoulder x 6 8 minutes AMRAP 4 minutes rest Your Second Task Full snatch (one heavy […]

Heavy Kettlebell Workout

DUO BRUTUS—a brute of a heavy workout A brute of a workout that leaves you laying on the ground wondering “what just happened?“. On this page: full workout, exercises, movement standards, videos, photos, downloadable PDF.   The workout consists of three tasks, your first is 4 minutes, second is 6 minutes, and your final task […]

Snatchery 2.0 WOD

I’m not one to boast, but several people told me that this was one of the best-programmed workouts yet. But don’t take anyone’s word, find out for yourself!   This workout has three tasks for AMRAP, and one task FOR TIME. It’s called Snatchery 2.0 because you’ll be doing a lot of snatches, double and […]

Thorax Workout—Injury Proof Yourself

This kettlebell workout is unlike others posted, it’s a workout everyone needs to incorporate at least once a week. I’m talking MMA fighters, BJJ fighters, kettlebell enthusiasts, crossfitters, and fitness enthusiasts. Especially crossfitters! Why did I say especially crossfitters? In kettlebell training, MMA, and BJJ there is already rotation included, whether you get mangled by […]

Sneaky Anna—Intense WOD

I named this intense cardio workout Sneaky Anna, as she was supposed to set the timer for 16, but she added an extra 4 minutes. So, now it’s a 20-minute WOD, even for you.   Your First And Only Task 4 half snatches 4 burpees 4 squat deadlifts 20 MIN AMRAP   The half snatches target […]

365 Embrace The Suck!

Last day of the year, so it had to be special. Embrace the suck, deal with it! This workout is probably insane to most. You gotta be a special type of loco to want to work out at an intense pace for over 60 minutes! Here comes the pain: Your First Task 3 burpees 6 […]

3 Killer Kettlebell Workouts “Greatness lives on the edge of destruction!”

Can you complete any of these 3 killer kettlebell workouts? Check it out, choose one, complete it, and post below. Run towards your fears ….face fear fast. Robin Sharma

Heavy WOD: DUO BRUTUS—a brute of a workout

This is DUO BRUTUS, a heavy kettlebell WOD. A brute of a workout that leaves you dead on the ground at the end.   Your first task is with a heavy kettlebell, unilateral work, you’ll be switching from side to side. Your second task is again unilateral work with a heavy kettlebell, bringing the weight […]

BELL BASTARD: A Not So Nice Kettlebell Ladder

A not so nice kettlebell ladder: clean, squat, and snatch Kettlebell WOD: BELL BASTARD   This workout comes with basic details (this page), two videos explaining the workout, a printable PDF with 11 pages of information about scaling, the exercises, weight, etc. Enjoy!   Your first task: Using one light to medium kettlebell. 3 kettlebell […]

WOD Barbell + Kettlebell + Calisthenics: DOSMIO

This WOD is called DOSMIO, as in ¡Dios mío!, or “oh my god!”, but with Dos instead of Dios, because the reps are two. Two in Spanish is Dos. Reps and weight are kept low to focus on technique. You could see this as a 24-minute WOD that allows you to train. Working out is […]

Gi BJJ Comp Training

Just spoke to a good buddy of mine who is entering a Gi BJJ comp after gaining some kilos, he asked what he could do with kettlebells to be more prepared for his upcoming match.   I asked what his weaknesses were. He said that last time his triceps completely gassed out. Thats got something […]

Unilateral Strength Workout With Kettlebells

This unilateral strength workout with a heavy kettlebell focusses on the upper body, it leaves no muscle unworked! Hits all the deltoids, obliques, chest, and back muscles.   The workout is as follows: 20-meter farmer walk left 20-meter overhead walk right 20-meter farmer walk right 20-meter overhead walk left 8 chest presses left 8 bent […]

Kettlebell Workout HPMAXJERK1.0

If you’re looking for a well designed kettlebell workout with an objective, provides some fun, and leaves you feeling awesome all over, this is it! The kettlebell workout HPMAXJERK is intense from the get go!     Objectives: Good full-body bodyweight warm-up Tax shoulders prior to the jerk Improve jerk technique Increase core strength Improve […]

WOD Arnie Version II

Today’s WOD is a modified version of the CrossFit Arnie Hero WOD, the original: 21 Turkish Get-Ups, Right Arm 50 American Kettlebell Swings 21 Overhead Squats, Left Arm 50 American Kettlebell Swings 21 Overhead Squats, Right Arm 50 American Kettlebell Swings 21 Turkish Get-Ups, Left Arm With a single Kettlebell 32kg, 70 pounds, 2 pood. As […]

Kettlebell Challenge: 30 Min. Alt. Half Snatch Marathon

This kettlebell challenge is simple but tough, and can also be used as a WOD. Simple as in its one exercise with a switch swing, tough as in, you’re not allowed to put the kettlebell down, when you do, it’s over. Your technique needs to be up to scratch, and you need to be able […]


This kettlebell WOD has three tasks, two six minute AMRAP and one 12 round task for time. The first AMRAP is chosen to also warm-up a bit better for what’s to come. The second task is explosiveness, stability, flexibility and strength. The final task is a total cardio blast! Task 1 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings […]


One incredible kettlebell WOD consisting of four tasks! The first task is: CrossFit Burpees 4 Min. AMRAP   The second task is a kettlebell combo: Alternating kneeling press 6 Min. AMRAP   The third task is three sets of carefully picked exercises, four reps of each exercise: 4 Gorilla Cleans 4 Front Squats 4 Clean […]

NOTDONEYET2.0 Kettlebell WOD for Those Who Like Punishment

Here’s the workout for Sunday 8th of October 2017, it’s an amazing combination of exercises, 2 AMRAP and one TASK FOR TIME.   20 MIN AMRAP 10 Clean and Strict Press 10 Clean and Jerk 10 Front Squat   16 MIN AMRAP 6 Double Kettlebell Half Snatch 6 Alternating Gorilla Clean (L+R=2) 2L / 2R […]

Filthy Fifty Kettlebell WOD

  FILTHY FIFTY WOD The WOD consists out of the following four tasks, complete all FOR TIME: 50 Overhead Reverse Lunges (alternating) 1=1 50 Kettlebell Crush Push-ups 50 Alternating Hang Cleans L+R = 1 50 Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo The video above also contains some stretching, of course, you should always spend some time on […]

Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo

This is by far the worlds best kettlebell combo you’ll come across, it consists of two highly effective exercises, namely the squat thruster and the king of kettlebell exercises the snatch, half snatch to be exact. The combo is performed with two kettlebells. This kettlebell combo is for everyone, crossfitters, kettlebell enthusiasts, bjj practitioners, mma […]


Two AMRAPs and one task for time.   First 6 minute AMRAP consists of: 3 x WBKC (details here or download PDF) 1 x Alternating Sots Press   Second 6-minute AMRAP consists of: 2 x Alternating Gorilla Cleans 1 x Alternating Dead to Overhead Cossack with Deadlift Don’t rush your cossacks! The alternative is racked deadlift. […]


This week’s Kettlebell WOD is called The Deadly SIXFOURFOUR EIGHTY. Three short AMRAPs and 1 task FOR TIME, all in one session. The workout comes with a video (see above) and a free PDF to download with more details on the workout plus step by step images. If you want over 40 kettlebell workouts in […]

Kettlebell Beach Workout

4 pulling and 1 pushing exercise, the hang clean, half snatch, chin-up and pull-up are all pulling exercises. If you want more pulling you can turn the snatch into a hang snatch rather than a swing snatch which is demonstrated in the video. The first two exercises emphasize the traps, upper and middle, the chin-up […]

Kettlebell WOD ‘LASSUS’

You know how you get that red faced look, sweating like you just turned the shower on and weak in the knees after a good WOD? Well, now you can experience that 4 times in this awesome kettlebell WOD for Crossfitters, BJJ and MMA fighters, and of course anyone training for GPP (General Physical Preparedness). […]

Kettlebell Workout NEMESIS

One workout with specific parts that focus on strength, isometrics, power, flexibility, plyometrics, cardio, and more.   Weight: First two workouts heavy, the third is medium, the fourth and the last is light to medium. Download the free PDF for details.     The workout starts with a full-body warm-up using bodyweight only, really get […]

Kettlebell Workout “More, Not Less” For CrossFit, MMA and BJJ

Kettlebell workout for CrossFit, BJJ and MMA, this workout is the bomb, it ticks all the boxes: explosive, strength, cardio, tough, simple but effective, two kettlebells and working through all planes of motion. Video above.   I named this full-body kettlebell workout “More, Not Less” you’ll understand why in a bit, this workout hits every […]

BJJ Kettlebell Workout—Or Anyone That Needs Explosiveness

There are a lot of things to think about when you want to perform at your best for BJJ or MMA, Explosiveness and Cardio are two of them, in fact, if you need explosiveness or cardio in any sport the following workout will be great. Explosiveness in particular for the legs, hips, and shoulders, and […]

BJJ Strength And Conditioning: Hips, Ankles, Knees, Shoulders + Core

The following flexibility and strength routine/flow is great to work on the hips, core, legs, ankles, knees and shoulders, I’ve been using it since 2010 for my BJJ Strength and Conditioning. (see video at top) Double Kettlebell Racked Get-up Racked Alternating Take-down Lunge Racked Alternating Forward Lunge Get-down and repeat   The racked get-up is […]

BJJ WOD for Crossfitters

I have quite a few routines I use for my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Strength & Conditioning and this is one of them, it’s for strength, cardio, explosiveness, and rotation (flexibility). 2 x handstand push-ups 6 x deadlift hip hinge style – 40, 50, 60, 70, 80% of your 1RM 6 x strict pull-ups 5 rounds All exercises […]

Strength and Mobility with Kettlebells

Strength and Mobility with kettlebells, one tool, several goals met. The following workout I put together to meet several goals in one, have a go at it and post below. Pick one or several kettlebells to perform the following exercises and perform 6 slow controlled reps. chest press shoulder press bent over row Complete all […]

15 Minute Kettlebell Fat Blaster

I designed this 15 minute full-body kettlebell fat blaster because Eric Walmsley and I been talking for a while on Facebook, he told me about his bicep tear and struggles to get back into the swing of things, he then asked me if I could design something for him. So I designed this 15 minute […]

The Basics—Beginner Kettlebell Workout

This is a basic kettlebell workout that includes 3 of the best exercises for beginners. Goblet Squat Single Arm Swing (both sides) Front Press (both sides) You perform 5 reps of each and complete 5 rounds, rest when required. Alternatives The alternative for the single arm press is double arm one bell press, this is […]

WOD: HSPU Jerk and Snatch

If you’re looking for a “laying on the floor dying in a puddle of sweat and feeling great” type of WOD, this is it! Warm-up EMOM 1 to 2 minutes rest AMRAP 2 to 3 minutes rest AMRAP 1 to 2 minutes rest Cool-down The video covers the EMOM and two AMRAPs, check it out […]

Full-body Kettlebell Workout One Four Six WOD—amazingfreakin workout

Sometimes you got one of these amazing combinations that you just don’t care what the objective is, who cares what muscles it works! But that aside, this one works your full body and tests everything you have. Video available at the top of the page. These are 4 short 6-minute tasks, 3 are with added […]

The Galley Slave WOD

This core workout consists of several tasks FOR TIME. Start with 100 jumping jacks, then perform 12 rounds of 3 exercises for 3 reps, they are: 3 x front squat with double kettlebell 3 x up to down with double kettlebell 3 x the galley slave with one kettlebell You finish with 100 jump clap […]

Why the Burpee Deadlift Is the Best Deadlift to Do—and Trescientos Workout

Fact: Did you know the real burpee is just a plank to standing, no push-up, no jump, no nothing added? Yup, it’s true, go and do your research. The CrossFit Burpee is with tricep push-up and jump. The most common burpee is a jump burpee.

Brachium Superius—MAX BICEP & TRICEP PUMP!

This awesome biceps and triceps workout Brachium Superius includes the best of the best tools to give your upper arms that amazing pump you’re looking for. There is barbell, kettlebell, trx, dipping bar and pull-up bar work involved. Holding your protein shake after this workout is even going to be an effort.

Femoris Muerto Strength Workout

This awesome Caveman Strength workout comes with a warm-up/mobility routine and consists of 3 exercises, deadlift, swing and turkish getup.

Cinco Tres Cinco WOD

5 repetitions, 3 exercises, five awesome rounds FOR TIME! Do this WOD and post your results below or on our Facebook.   5 Barbell Power Snatches 5 Dead to Overhead Deadlift (each side) 5 Push-up to Chin Above Bar Five rounds FOR TIME.   ℞ for males 40kg barbell 2 x 24kg kettlebell ℞ for […]

MADBUNNY WOD—nice hardcore workout

This is the MADBUNNY Caveman WOD, I named it so, because some think we’re crazy for working out on Easter. To me, when it’s a workout day, it’s a workout day, whether it’s Easter, New Years or my birthday! So, without further ado, I present to you this awesome hardcore workout, done on Easter day, […]

The Dudley—Kettlebell WOD

I’m so excited about putting this kettlebell WOD up, you’ll understand what I’m talking about once you complete this. This is currently on the top of my favorites.     The Dudley- #Kettlell #WOD More details on www.cavemantraining.com soon A post shared by Cavemantraining (@realcavemantraining) on Apr 4, 2017 at 3:27am PDT First task – 22 […]

Kettlebell WOD El Cuerpo

This is an awesome full-body workout to be performed with two kettlebells. You decide your weight. But I’d suggest about 50% of your 1RM kettlebell strict press, if you strict press 30kg, go for 14 or 16kgs per arm.   11 Strict Front Presses 4 Front Squats 11 Bent-over Rows 4 Front Squats 11 Chest […]

3 Kettlebell Workouts for CrossFit

These three kettlebell workouts have been specifically designed for use in the Kettlebell Swing and Snatch Efficiency in CrossFit Workshop, but they can just as easily be used outside of the workshop. The workouts are awesome and to be performed one after the other, with up to one or two minutes rest in between!

Kettlebell Combo: Squat Dead Curl Press

This is currently one of my favourite kettlebell combo’s, I used it last week in one of our Caveman WODs. Because the exercise should be done with good form (shouldn’t all!?) and at a slower pace, this was a good candidate to perform for 5 minutes long, hence I put it in for 5 minutes, […]


Today you’re getting access to an awesome strength workout we do. It’s a team based workout, so it’s even more fun, it’s what we call the ‘Caveman Buddy’ system. It works like this, first you have your warm-up etc. then you pair your members up in teams of two, this is a hard job as […]

How to Structure a Kettlebell WOD (Workout Of the Day)

There are many ways to structure a kettlebell workout of the day, but here’s what we consider the most optimal structure for any type of workout, but especially Kettlebell WODs.

Hardstyle Kettlebell Workout by RKC Instructor

Terrance Ndlovu is an East London-based Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and RKC-certified kettlebell instructor. Terrance submitted a workout to Cavemantraining which consists of 50 reps per round, performed for 5 rounds. You should aim to complete each round without putting the kettlebell down.

Working out Versus Training—Are You Working out or Training?

When you’re Training, you’re getting specific. This means you’re training a specific exercise or group of exercises—either under the guidance of a trainer or yourself—with the specific aim of getting better at it. The goal of the training can be improving technique, getting more reps or using more weight, but Training is all about having a predetermined goal and a predetermined way to get there.

What is Kettlebell Training?

Are you wondering about kettlebells? If you’re new to the world of kettlebell training and wondering what kettlebell training is, the following articles will give you an in-depth view of what kettlebell training is all about, including the fundamentals any beginner should learn to stay safe with kettlebell training. What is Kettlebell Training? A kettlebell […]

6 Minute Kettlebell Workout ‘Little Smoker’

Here’s a little smoker that will get the heart pumping, a short six-minute kettlebell workout that should be done with a heavy weight. Heavy enough to get your heart rate up within the work time but light enough so that you can maintain proper form and work fast.  Three exercises of which two are combos, […]

Kettlebell Workout ‘DELTSFELT’ for awesome shoulders!

WORKOUT: DELTSFELT This workout hits your deltoids from six different angles at the front, side and rear, the core and lower-body aren’t neglected either. If you’re looking to create these awesome shaped shoulders that look good from every angle, this is your go-to workout! Work with two light to medium kettlebells because we do quite a few […]

Workout WOD ‘Deadgemite’

This awesome workout targets the whole body, is performed with an Olympic Barbell and two Kettlebells. The exercises hit your upper back, trapezius, rhomboids and deltoids, lets not forget the biceps, the core, erector spinae and then also just about everything in the lower-body, the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, as if that’s not enough, it […]

Workout ‘Clean-up’

Not only do you need to clean your Kettlebells, but you’ll be cleaning yourself up after this short but intense workout. Check my time and load for this workout in the comments. Buy your kettlebell shirts here. Workout ‘Clean-up’ 25 x Kettlebell Dead Clean & Press (R) 25 x Kettlebell Dead Clean & Press (L) […]

Workout ‘Balls of Steel’

This workout is as Pavel would say ‘a smoker!’. Like every workout I create, I performed this one myself, check the comments for my time and load. Access to download of the PDF is available after registration. Buy your kettlebell shirts here. Workout ‘Balls Of Steel’ 10 x Double Ketlebell Chest Press SWINGS! (one kettlebell) 10 […]

Caveman Circuit program CT201100835 ‘Surprise’

Download the Caveman Circuit program CT201100835 as a PDF for free below, the PDF contains exercise descriptions, circuit details, muscle groups worked and more. This 30 minute circuit program will provide you with an effective, full-body workout because of the complexity of the exercises we utilize. This particular circuit places extra emphasis on developing your […]

Caveman Circuit program CT201200860 ‘Fighting Fit’

Download the Caveman Circuit program CT201200860 as a PDF for free below, the PDF contains exercise descriptions, circuit details, muscle groups worked and more. Get ready to work – and work hard – with this circuit for intermediate and advanced exercisers. In fact, it’s killer workouts like these that give Cavemantraining its reputation. This session […]


Perform each exercise for the number of minutes indicated, then rest, and move on to the next exercise, all up this kettlebell workout takes 38 minutes. Skill Level Intermediate Workout 10 minutes of Clean and Jerk Double Kettlebell 2 minutes rest 8 minutes of Front Squat Double Kettlebell 2 minutes rest 6 minutes of Chest […]

Kettlebell Workout Omnia

A full-body workout that includes explosive, ballistic, and grinding exercises that challenge your strength, flexibility, cardio, and endurance. Videos at the bottom of the page. Download the FREE PDF here Performed with 1 Heavy Kettlebell 1 x Full Snatch 1 x Reverse ‘Any’ Turkish Getup 1 x Full Snatch 1 x Windmill 1 x Full […]

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