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Welcome to Cavemantraining, the home of insane kettlebell workouts that turn YOU into a new you. We have it all, from beginner to advanced, from lower-body to full-body, from strength to endurance, from cardio to flexibility, and we pay particular attention to mobility and safety.


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If you’re not familiar with our website yet, here’s how you can get stuck into some awesome workouts:


THE BIG FOUR: Kettlebell Strength Workout

If you’re looking for a kettlebell strength workout where your muscles feel like they’re gonna pop at the end, this is it! Four simple but extremely effective kettlebell exercises: press, squat, pull, and push. The workout involves the following kettlebell strength exercises: double kettlebell strict press double kettlebell front squat double kettlebell bent over dead row …

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Quicksilver Kettlebell Cardio Workout

First published in early 2019 and updated in late 2021. So simple but so grueling and awesome!   50 kettlebell hang cleans 50 kettlebell single-arm swings 50 kettlebell half snatches Repeat 3 times FOR TIME   This free follow-along kettlebell workout has the following videos: Introduction video (viewed in the header) Warm-up technique video (unlocked below) …

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EINAR — A Workout With Kettlebell, Dumbell, and Bar (pull-up)

EINAR—One Who Fights Alone This is a workout where I combine the kettlebell, dumbbell, and bar in one workout. Let’s dive straight into the workout.   Task 1 Male Rx 20kg/44lbs kettlebell  Female Rx 16kg/35.2lbs kettlebell 5 x Single-Arm Hip Hinge Swing (each side) 4 x CrossFit Burpee 2 x Strict Pull-Up 1 x Positive …

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MAXE2MOM CrossFit Barbell Complex

Rx weight 95lbs for male and 65lbs for female. MAX E2MOM Meaning, go for max rounds possible with a 30lbs/20lbs weight increase at the 30-minute mark. A round is every two minutes on the timer. The MAXE2MOM barbell complex: Deadlift Clean Squat Jerk Hang power clean Jerk Alternating racked reverse lunge Repeat once more all …

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MBG Kettlebell Combo

This kettlebell combo has been named MBG after one of our Caveman Inner Circle members, Matthew Brandon Garner. The combo is a dead swing into triceps push-up. Although it can be performed with lightweight and a slower push-up, this combination is more suited to be performed with heavy weight and explosive. A great kettlebell combo …

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WOD JEAN DOE—An intense workout

Exercise A Jump rope Exercise B CrossFit burpees   20 x A 8 x B 40 x A 8 x B 60 x A 8 x B Continue till you’re at 200, i.e. the last set is 200 x A 8 x B Then finish with 100 Gorilla cleans. FOR TIME   Gorilla cleans are …

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Kettlebell Cardio Workout POWER COMPLEX

A kettlebell cardio workout to be performed with two kettlebells of lightweight. The complex consists of: Dead swing clean Squat Alternating press Half snatch Return to dead   Two ways you can perform this kettlebell workout. 12 minutes EMOM 3 reps of the combo 5 minutes AMRAP 1-minute rest and repeat 4 times   BURN …

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Kettlebell Workout RAMPAGE

This workout will destroy you, only to build you up. It ticks all the right boxes, explosive, high intensity, grind, strength, endurance, etc.   10 minutes AMQRAP of: 4 kettlebell dead snatches 1 reverse TGU Followed by: 10/10 TGU 100 half snatches   The full workout takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to complete …

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8 Minute Kettlebell Workout for Females

This workout is put together and demonstrated by our female trainer Anna Junghans but of course males can do the workout too! The workout is as follows and is performed with one light to medium kettlebell. 1 minute of double-arm kettlebell swings 1 minute of squat dead lift 30 seconds around the body 30 seconds …

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Iron Man Kettlebell Workout

This is the Iron Man Workout which consists of a 100 kettlebell swing buy-in followed by a 30-minute AMQRAP of military press, hang clean, and squat with two kettlebells. Yes, 30 minutes is a lot, so, pick your weight wisely, these are thirty minutes of quality work, we want as many quality reps as possible …

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Kettlebell Workout Nova

This is Nova, an advanced kettlebell workout. You buy in with 50 CrossFit burpees and then proceed to the main task with is 10 rounds FOR TIME of 6 double kettlebell half snatch and 3 overhead deadlifts each side. The whole workout should take about 18 to 25 minutes. Rx is 2 x 16kg/35lbs for …

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Kettlebell Workout Procerus Fortis 14

This workout requires two kettlebells, is 14 minutes in duration, and is a full-body workout for intermediate to advanced level of kettlebell training. You should have good overhead mobility, be able to clean, strict press, and most of all have the strength and stability to perform an overhead reverse lunge.   The Perfect Kettlebell Workout …

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Kettlebell Interval Workout MORTUUS GEMINUS 50

You need two kettlebells for this workout. I used 2 x 16kg/25lbs.   You need to be able to: Dead swing Half snatch Work with two kettlebells   Total workout time: 8 minutes. 40 rounds. Every 12 seconds you perform one repetition. The first 10 rounds you add an additional half snatch. In other words: …

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MMA Training Tips for Beginners

MMA is of one the fastest growing sports this world has seen. Many people from all walks of life have gained an intense interest in starting to train. It could be an intimidating prospect for one to jump into the ring of a completely new world. If you are one of these people looking to …

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4 in 1 Kettlebell Workout—kettlebell workout full body

This workout was designed to incorporate aerobic, anaerobic, strength, and flexibility in one, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the kettlebell and our Cavemantraining kettlebell workouts. This kettlebell workout is a full body workout that has four tasks: 4 minutes of alternating kettlebell swings AMRAP 2 minutes rest 4 minutes of kettlebell strict press AMRAP (switch …

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Kettlebell Snatch Workout

This is a kettlebell snatch workout, it’s a killer workout! Snatches and runs for three AMRAP and then a FOR TIME task. I programmed adequate rest with a rep scheme that allows you to go all out for the duration of the tasks. The tasks are: 4/4 hang snatch 50m run 6m AMRAP 3 min …

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RKC Monster Workout

This is a monster workout involving rowing, kettlebells, and calisthenics. The tasks are as follows. Task 1 100 calorie rows or a 1.5k run FOR TIME Task 2 Kettlebell combo: Dead clean Dead snatch Swing snatch Overhead reverse lunge 8 minutes AMRAP Rx 24kg for men and 20kg for females Task 3 4 x push-ups ‘any’ …

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The Grinding Warrior Workout

This workout is all to be performed slow and grinding. 2 rounds with one kettlebell and the last two rounds with two kettlebells. Beginners should perform the workout without weight.   The video includes a warm-up, no special effects or titles, just the warm-up and workout. You could use it to work out at the …

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Killer. Killa. Workout

This kettlebell cardio workout is an absolute killer. If you like the gasping for air workouts, this is it.   You buy-in with 100 calories on the assault bike, 80 for females. Then you proceed with 12 rounds of: 4 snatch into overhead reverse lunge 4 push ups ‘any’ 8 calories on the assault bike …

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This workout will bring you to your knees!

This is what I baptized the World's Best Kettlebell Combo. It's an absolute killer! The combo consists of a half swing snatch and squat thruster. You're hip hinging, snatching, squatting, and thrusting. It gets pretty explosive and is extremely taxing on the system.   It's simple though, take on the challenge and perform 100 FOR …

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The Undaunted Warrior Workout

You'll love this kettlebell workout! You need a Concept2 rower and 2 kettlebells. If you don't have a rower, you can replace the 100 cal rows with 100 kettlebell swings (it's actually easier, so, do 150 if your swing is good).   100 cals on the rower 50 burpee squat dead lifts 50 bent-over rows …

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SHORT, HEAVY, AND EXPLOSIVE. A barbell + kettlebell workout

The workout is short, just 12 minutes AMRAP, that's all you need to walk away feeling like you accomplished something today. Start with a full body warm-up. Perform some light barbell cleans, kettlebell jerks, and kettlebell swings. Find about 60% to 70% of your 1RM on the barbell and kettlebell. Or use the following Rx …

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World Kettlebell Video 3 Intermediate

This is an intermediate kettlebell workout using 1 kettlebell. 3 x squat dead lift L 3 x squat dead lift R Transition: Dead clean the other kettlebell 3 x strict presses L Transition: Swing switch 3 x strict presses R Transition: Single arm drop to dead in position for dead swing 4 x dead swing …

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World Kettlebell Video 3 Beginner

A beginner kettlebell workout with 1 kettlebell. A full instructional video can be found below. Transition: Deadlift to a neutral stance 6 x hang lift (double-arm squat style) Transition: Double-arm dead clean 3 x presses L Transition: Double hand switch and clean 3 x presses R Transition: Double-arm backswing drop to dead in position for …

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World Kettlebell Video 3 Advanced

This is an advanced kettlebell workout with 2 kettlebells. Transition: Dead clean and press one kettlebell 3 x Overhead deadlift L Transition: Drop 1kb to dead and dead clean to press the other 3 x Overhead deadlift R Transition: 1 kb hang clean to bring both in racking 6 x alternating presses Transition: Drop both …

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