Partner With Cavemantraining

We’re always on the lookout for new partnerships that will benefit the audience of Cavemantraining and that of the partner.

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For partnerships, we’re on the lookout for like-minded or closely related products/services that are not in direct competition, things like:

  • Physical kettlebell products
  • Kettlebell services that Cavemantraining does not provide
  • Health and fitness products
    • Skipping ropes
    • Chalk
    • Apparel
    • Etc.
  • Guest writers


Partnerships can be as simple as exchanging product placement on the website or can be as elaborate as a full-fledged marketing campaign that promotes products from both sides and is directed at both the audience of Cavemantraining and the partner. Including but not limited to:

  • Social posts
  • Video production
  • Email marketing
  • Funnels
  • Etc.


We also have affiliate software installed to enable affiliate partnerships. We don’t accept just anyone as an affiliate, we only accept those that are truly interested in the subject and adhere to the ethical promotion of the products.


Guest writers

If you’re a medium to a high-profile trainer or a regular blogger/writer and are looking for an audience, we can put your articles, videos, social posts in-front of our audience. We don’t accept one-of posts or posts which are clearly written to build links. Contact us.

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