Free Follow-Along Kettlebell Workout Full-Length

This is a free follow-along full-length high-intensity interval training kettlebell workout with one kettlebell for strength, power, and cardio programmed as an EMOM.

A kettlebell workout video that is filmed from three angles so you can inspect the kettlebell exercises from different views in this nearly 90-minute long video.

Some of the workout video chapters are:

  • Common kettlebell mistakes and injuries
  • How to program and progress
  • How to perform the kettlebell exercises
  • Progressions and alternatives
  • Follow-along warm-up
  • Follow-along kettlebell workout
  • Follow-along cooldown

The detailed time index for the chapters can be found below so you can easily jump to a chapter within the video.


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  1. The workout details and downloadable PDF
  2. How to get form and technique feedback
  3. What kettlebell weight to choose
  4. Online kettlebell courses and books mentioned in the video
  5. Free downloadable kettlebell PDFs mentioned in the video
  6. External product links
  7. Time/chapter index
  8. Video chapters explained
  9. Keep us up-to-date and share your progress
  10. Music used in the video


Section 1


TITANIUM Kettlebell Workout

This is the TITANIUM WORKOUT by Cavemantraining. You can include this workout as a WOD, a regular part of your training, or as a workout program for progression.

The whole session is as follows.



A) 6 jumping jacks and a slight pause (the pause is to prevent overtaxing the calves).
Repeat for 1 minute.

B) Perform the following kettlebell sequence on each side with a light kettlebell.

  • Hip hinge deadlift
  • Bent-over row
  • Hang clean
  • Dead to the ground

Repeat on the other side.
Perform for 2 minutes.

Repeat A + B for two rounds.

1 minute of alternating single-arm swings.

1 minute of alternating hang clean.

2 minutes of joint work.

A total of 10 minutes.


Rest as required.



Task 1

8 single-arm kettlebell swings
2 racked squats
Change sides on the next minute

10-minute EMOM

Rest as required.

Task 2

10 double-arm swings
8 push-ups off the kettlebell

10-minute EMOM


Unlock a valuable tip below to modify this when you’re working on your cardiovascular endurance.


Download the Kettlebell Workout TITANIUM PDF to your computer so you can easily print and take it to the gym.

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If you missed the full-length workout at the top, here it is again.


Section 2

Free Form And Technique Feedback

Make sure you are doing things right! You can post your question, snippet or full video of the workout in any of our public groups and receive feedback on your form and technique.

  1. Join one or all of our groups
  2. Post once your membership is approved
    • Post your full workout video; or
    • Post a snippet of your workout; or
    • Ask a question without video
  3. Tag @Cavemantraining
  4. Make it clear that the workout is the TITANIUM WORKOUT and if you can, include the link to this page
  5. If you have a specific area or exercise you are struggling with then make sure to include that in your question/request for feedback
  6. If you want feedback then make sure to specify this in your post


If you prefer private feedback, then consider joining our Caveman Inner Circle which also includes weekly online workouts.



Section 3

What Kettlebell Weight to Choose

You want to work with the heaviest weight you can use for each exercise but are able to complete the workout as intended, i.e. with some rest of at least 20 seconds per minute, and more importantly, all without compromising form or technique.

As you perform this workout regularly and progress you want to up the weight. But only up the weight after you’ve finished the last round of each EMOM like you started it.


Section 4

Online Kettlebell Courses And Books

These are the online kettlebell and books mentioned in the workout video.


Section 5

Free Kettlebell PDFs

These are the kettlebell PDFs mentioned in the workout video that you can download from our website for free:


Section 6

Here are the links to the products mentioned in the workout video:

These are products we use ourselves, including the shoes, I highly recommend those if you don’t go barefoot.


Section 7

Time/Chapter Index

The following is the times/chapter index for the workout video so you can easily jump to the section of the video that you need.

  1. 0:00:00 Introduction to the workout
  2. 0:04:42 Warm-up Technique
  3. 0:15:35 Workout Technique
  4. 0:21:07 Weekly Kettlebell Workouts
  5. 0:23:14 Common Mistakes And Injuries
  6. 0:31:17 3 Things To Improve Your Kettlebell Life
  7. 0:36:15 Progressions And Alternatives
  8. 0:44:40 Programming
  9. 0:48:03 Follow-Along Warm-up
  10. 0:59:30 Follow-Along Workout
  11. 1:23:25 Follow-Along Cooldown


Section 8

Video Chapters

It’s highly recommended that you watch the whole video but especially the warm-up technique, workout technique, common mistakes and injuries, and progressions and alternatives as these are the chapters where you will learn exactly how to perform the kettlebell workout and exercises correctly while avoiding injury and mistakes.


Introduction to the workout

An introduction to the kettlebell workout, quickly covering all the important details that should not be missed.


Warm-up Technique

The warm-up and exercises are broken down in step-by-step detail.


Workout Technique

The workout and exercises are broken down in step-by-step detail.


Weekly Kettlebell Workouts

A quick explanation of what you can expect if you join our weekly online kettlebell workouts.


Common Mistakes And Injuries

The most common kettlebell mistakes and injuries we have seen over the years are covered in this chapter so that you can avoid getting injured or making those mistakes.



Understand how to make adjustments with weight, time, and other aspects of the workout to improve your results.


3 Things To Improve Your Kettlebell Life

We quickly cover 3 items that we regularly use and helps improve our kettlebell life. The reviews are unpaid and unbiased.


Progressions And Alternatives

Progressions and alternatives for the kettlebell exercises are explained so that anyone can do this workout, whether you have a heavy weight or not, etc.



Understand how to adjust the programming for this kettlebell workout and make it suitable for you and at the same time making it so that you progress and see results.


Follow-Along Warm-up

A video you can turn and follow-along to perform the warm-up for this kettlebell workout.


Follow-Along Workout

A video you can turn and follow-along to perform the workout.


Follow-Along Cooldown

A video you can turn and follow-along to perform the cooldown for this kettlebell workout.




Section 9

Keep Us Up-to-date

Become a motivational beacon for others and also give us the satisfaction of seeing your progress by keeping us up-to-date on social media with your progress.

The workout is free, all we ask is that you share you progress and motivate others to perform the workout. Come and say hello:

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Section 10


The music featured in the workout video:

  • Let’s Go Go Go – Tigerblood Jewel
  • Stellar Finale – FormantX
  • Dollar Needles – Splasher!
  • Take Cover – Josh Gram
  • On My Own (Killrude Remix) (Instrumental Version) – Elijah N
  • Close To Water – Ealot


Thank you for watching, I’ll leave you with some other cool kettlebell stuff you can look forward to learning.

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