Kettlebell Beach Workout

4 pulling and 1 pushing exercise, the hang clean, half snatch, chin-up and pull-up are all pulling exercises. If you want more pulling you can turn the snatch into a hang snatch rather than a swing snatch which is demonstrated in the video.

The first two exercises emphasize the traps, upper and middle, the chin-up for the biceps and the pull-up for the lats. On that note, a chin-up is actually a pull-up too, chin-up used to refer to range of the pull-up, but its gotten so ingrained that a chin-up is done with underhand grip that this version has simply become the “chin-up”. So I won’t stir the pot there… for now. I put the push-ups in as this version works the tri’s and chest, and it just finishes the workout off nicely with a great upper-body pump.

The workout consists of:

  • 3 hang cleans
  • 3 half snatches

Left and right equals one round

6 rounds

1 to 2 minute(s) rest

  • 4 chin-ups
  • 4 pull-ups

1 to 2 minute(s) rest

10 diamond push-ups

They’re not really diamond push-ups but the hand position is the same.

3 to 4 cycles

First cycle you do 10 push-ups, second 8, third 6 and final 4.

You can download the FREE PDF with more details including step by step photos of several exercises right here.

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