Pull-ups, Got Problems With Lat Activation? Do This Drill

If you're a trainer, working to progress your clients to pull-ups, and keep finding that: You get them to do chin-ups ...

THE BIG FOUR: Kettlebell Strength Workout

If you're looking for a workout where your muscles feel like they're gonna pop at the end, this is it! Four simple...

Why Crossfitters Hate Kettlebells

You might or might not know, I'm a CrossFit and kettlebell trainer. I use both the barbell and kettlebell. But at the...

Unilateral Strength Workout With Kettlebells

This unilateral strength workout with kettlebells focusses on the upper-body, it leaves no muscle unworked! Hits all the deltoids, obliques, chest, and...
Kettlebells for shoulder rehab

Strong, Safe, Mobile Shoulders With Kettlebells

“Shoulders have been torn out from boxing as a amateur. What is the best way l can get my arms, shoulders...

WOD Arnie Version II

Today's WOD is a modified version of the CrossFit Arnie Hero WOD, the original: 21 Turkish Get-Ups, Right Arm 50 American...

Training For Overhead Mobility and Strength

My wife recently entered a CrossFit competition and she required some training to work on some weaknesses, and improve mobility. Following...

CrossFit Has Got the Burpee All Wrong

Even if you're a Crossfitter, love CrossFit, are a CrossFit Judge, and have a CrossFit qualification, you can still disagree with...

Difference Between a Sprawl, Burpee and CrossFit Burpee

A burpee is going from standing position into plank position, and back up. The burpee exercise is named in the 1930s by...

Kettlebell WOD: 30 Min. Alt. Half Snatch Marathon

Todays kettlebell WOD is simple but tough. Simple as in it's one exercise with a switch swing, tough as in, you're...

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