How to start kettlebell training?

How to BEGIN Kettlebell Training?


If you’re new to kettlebells

Kettlebell Training Fundamentals provides you with important and fundamental information to read. You can get the same information in a course format with additional videos and exams, this is called Kettlebell Fundamentals Graduate L2.0, if you want to take it a step further and receive everything plus also get assessed on form and technique and receive coaching for improvement, then Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 is the product to choose. All our products work this way, for the fundamentals we have one additional product called From Zero To Kettlebell Superhero which was created for those that wanted coaching but no exams. The L3 level is not only for those that want to become trainers but also for those that want to train with kettlebells and truly understand all the fundamentals. You can see a product comparison based on the kettlebell fundamentals information here.

The price ranges from $24.95 to $349


The next suitable product for kettlebell beginners is our 21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners which is based on a specific progression that we’ve used for over a decade to teach people the art of kettlebells. This product comes in a streaming video format which means you get direct access and retain access as long as you have internet. The same product is also available as DVD or Blu-ray. The next step up is an online course based on this information which includes all the video content plus a printable ebook and units to complete step by step with optional drills and tasks.

The price ranges from $15.95 to $49.95


Kettlebell Starter Packages

Our premium kettlebell starter package is highly recommended if you’re still not sure what product to go for and want a mixture of everything included. The premium kettlebell starter package includes Kettlebell Training Fundamentals, video (40 minutes), ebook to understand what kettlebell weight to start with, Master Kettlebell Grips, Master Kettlebell Racking, enrollment for an online kettlebell beginner course, and Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0 ebook

The price ranges from $45 to $65


The kettlebell swing

If you know what you want from kettlebell training and just want to understand the kettlebell swing then we have several suitable products, the first one is The Quick And Concise Kettlebell Swing Guide for which optional personalized online coaching can be purchased additionally, the second product is Master The Basic Kettlebell Swing, whereas the first one is more of an informational approach the second one is more of a step by step approach, both are great, and truth be told, for less than a night out on the town you can own both.

The price ranges from $14.95 to $80


If you’re already familiar with kettlebells

You already know the fundamentals and want to take your kettlebell training to the next level then our specialized products for the clean and snatch are perfect!

Our product Master The Kettlebell Clean takes your kettlebell training to the next level. Not only will it refine one of the most essential exercises, but it will also provide you with an enormous amount of exercise variations that will allow you to program exciting workouts and even lay the foundation for your journey into kettlebell flows and/or juggling. This product comes as a book Master The Kettlebell Clean or as an online course the course is available with exams, assessments, and coaching or without, L2 is without and L3 is with, L3 is also split into two with the second one being the more advanced kettlebell cleans.

The price ranges from $24.95 to $129.95


How to start kettlebell juggling?

The answer to this question is without a doubt in the answers above, one must follow the path laid out thus far before even attempting to juggle a kettlebell. The kettlebell clean courses are a vital piece of information for wanna-be jugglers. Before one can juggle one must know how to clean.


Kettlebell Snatch

The next product is Snatch Physics which will take your kettlebell training to a whole new level, this product is available as a book or course. The book takes you through a step-by-step progression that one can complete in 21 days or less. The online course is available in L3 and L4, L3 is suitable for trainers and everyone else that wants to truly understand the kettlebell snatch, and L4 is for those that want to take a step further.

The price ranges from $24.95 to $249.


Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia

Thus far we’ve covered some of the most important and popular kettlebell exercises in kettlebell training, but if you want to learn all the kettlebell exercises available in kettlebell training and you are ready, then our Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia is the product to purchase. It’s available in 5 volumes on Amazon and as one big bundle on Cavemantraining.

Over a decade of kettlebell knowledge for less than a night out on town.


Advanced Kettlebell Training

If you want to become advanced with kettlebells then we recommend you follow the path from basic to advanced as laid out on this page and over a duration of time complete all the courses or read all the information. Once you have mastered the fundamentals and all exercises it will become time to string them together, to work with double kettlebells, etc. Enter Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple.


Ready to get your sweat on!?

Whether you’re after just workouts or already know the fundamentals, i.e. you are not injuring yourself nor experiencing annoyances when training, then it’s time to work out. We have several awesome products that will provide you with content to train for years.

Our first product is the series in Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges for which there is a 1.02.0, and 3.0 each one has over 40 unique and fat-blasting kettlebell workouts. Each workout is described in detail with some information on the exercises.

The next level up is our Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts which are full-length kettlebell workout videos with voice-over and downloadable instructions.

The price ranges from $9.95 to $24.95


Weekly Online Kettlebell Workouts

The next and best level of kettlebell workouts is our Caveman Inner Circle which is a private and select group of people from all over the world with one thing in common, they want to get fit, strong, and lose fat by receiving a new kettlebell workout to complete each week. Furthermore, they get to ask the kettlebell coaches questions and post their videos for assessment and feedback. But most of all, the group provides motivation to work out each week. Buy individual kettlebell workouts here.

Top-notch coaching and workout for less than the price of beer out on town.



Our CAVEMANROM course is focused on all mobility exercises and loaded exercises for flexibility and strength. The exercises in this course are advanced kettlebell exercises.


Mobility and Flexibility

Listed last, but should really be priority number one, even before picking up a kettlebell is to make sure your body is ready to handle the load, meaning, you are not going to injure yourself, instead you make sure you develop some base of strength, control, and flexibility, all to injury-proof yourself.

The book Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength Without Yoga is focused on exercises without a step-by-step progression whereas the book Caveman Mobility Program is focused on taking you through a step-by-step progression over the course of x number of days.

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