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Billions of People Are Putting Their Trust in This Company, Are You One of Them? Check Now!

Would you deal with a business that is not contactable? In the first instance your response would probably be “no”, yet billions of people do every day.

Would you invest thousands of hours in creating groups around your valuable brand if you knew that it could all be taken away in an instant without warning, without being able to discuss why, without ever being able to contact anyone about it, would you? You would probably say “no”, yet billions of people do every day.

Would you store all your precious memories, photos, videos, and other irreplaceable things somewhere where access could be taken away without warning, without being able to contact anyone about it? All you could do is submit a form which goes nowhere, no one would ever respond to the appeal you submitted, ever. Would you still store all your data with them? You would probably say “no”, yet billions of people do every day, including you!


Facebook for business risk assessment

Of course, we’re talking about Facebook and its social network. Everyone uses it, not everyone is aware of how easy access can be taken away, and not many businesses do their research on whether they should build upon Facebook, we’re one of those businesses that did not do their research or risk management properly. All of the above happened in real life and is still happening while this is written. Do you rely on Facebook messenger access for your business? What if you could not access it for several days, would it affect your business? If every message you ever sent to your customers could not be read by your customers, would that affect your business, would you put yourself in a situation where someone else controls your communication and you don’t own your own data? You would probably say that you would not put your business in a situation like that, yet billions of people do every day.

Imagine for a minute that as a business none of your scheduled posts go out via your scheduler app, and apps under your developer account no longer work. You can’t log in to most mobile apps or websites where you previously used “Sign in with Facebook”. Imagine for a minute that you make $500 a day through your Facebook community and they decide to shut down your account for 3 days, which will cost you $1,500 you’ll never get back and will have no one to seek damages for.

Your whole business could go bust if they decided to shut your account down for good, remember, there is no one to talk to about any of this, it’s all just automated processes, automated ‘smart’ responses, and support is a maze of links which always take you to articles and never to a department. Plenty of things can happen, they can simply make a mistake (there have been plenty of bugs on FB lately with a good example being the no notifications bug January 2020), your account could be hanging in limbo, other people could be reporting your account out of jealousy, whatever the case, you have nowhere, I repeat, nowhere to go and solve your problem like you would with any other business.


Facebook groups for business

Let’s cover our own scenario a bit more, we run many groups in which we invest a lot of time, we post relevant articles, videos, promote interaction, we moderate the groups and make sure that it stays positive, and we also post promotional/advertising links to our website in our groups which are highly targeted.

Facebook jailIt appears that Facebook now complains about our posted website links, marks it as spam, and follows up by blocking the account for an undefined amount of time (facebook jail). Here is our take on this.
The assumption is that Facebook advertising is on the decline—we stopped paying after wasting several thousands of dollars with absolutely zero return—and now they’re like how do we get people to pay?”, “How about this!? After telling businesses to connect with their audience and create groups, we now charge them to post anything advertising their business!”, “How do we do that?”, “We simply create a policy that makes it look like we care and mark their promotional stuff as spam, it makes us look good and they will have to start paying us again!”.

They know that they got businesses by the balls after a business invests thousands of hours into growing their groups, moderating them, and making them flourish, it’s not easy to just drop them and take them as a huge loss. Discuss this here.


Alternatives to Facebook

Now looking into better risk management, we’ve started using the YouTube community more and picked up on our Pinterest skills which are showing great results in regards to ROI (time investment). Furthermore, we’ve duplicated all our groups on a new social media network called MeWe.com, yes, it does not yet have everything you would want/expect, but it sure looks very promising, especially in contrast to the privacy issues on Facebook and Nazi-style of moderating. But the biggest worry of them all, the problem that any business ever having advertised on Facebook or currently depending on them with groups, pages, and profiles, is the worry of having absolutely nowhere to go for support. If anyone wants to pull together to create a new social network that has answers to the problems covered then speak up, as a previous developer, CIO, and project manager I’ve given these issues serious thoughts and came up with solutions.


Facebook SupportHow to contact Facebook about a problem?

You don’t. There is no support other than support pages which will take you through a never-ending loop.

How to contact Facebook by phone?

You don’t. There is no telephone number for Facebook to call and speak to an actual person for support, there are support pages which will take you through a never-ending loop.

What is Facebook jail?

Facebook jail is a virtual jail Facebook puts you in when the complex algorithms from their highly trained code monkeys decide that you did something wrong, whether you did or not, they’ll lock you out and throw away the key for a while until you’re tired of hitting the wall screaming and fuming with no effect on your jail time whatsoever.

How do you get out of Facebook jail?

You don’t, not until they decide it’s time to let you out, until then, there is no appeal, and most of all, no REAL LIVE PERSON to speak to.


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Last but not least, is it legally possible for a US-based company to be uncontactable? The answer is here.

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