Kettlebells For Mobility

Mobility is not an “I achieved it.” but an “I will keep working on and maintaining it.”.

Taco Fleur

Are you tired of being achy? Are you tired of always being injured? Are you tired of not being able to move like you’d like to? Are you ready to do things differently and move freely? Read on.

CAVEMAROM™ Flexibility Under Load is a unique and effective product by IKU™ and Cavemantraining™.



Bodyweight Exercises Before Load

The program is based on bodyweight movements that are to be mastered and then the kettlebell is added. The program is what every human being needs to regain or maintain their mobility and take it to newfound levels.

Not only does the program increase mobility it also increases strength and resilience.

Mobility For Beginners To Advanced With And Without Kettlebells

This program is our flagship product and is designed to work for complete beginners to advanced and for those who don’t have a kettlebell yet. Only one kettlebell is required once you’re ready to move on to loaded exercises.

With your purchase, you get:

  • Videos
  • Warm-up
  • Workout
  • Learning material
  • Mobility exercises
  • Progressions
  • 2 to 3 coaching assessments per exercise

The program is available in a book as a direct download or shipped directly to your door via Amazon. The direct downloadable book is listed below, there is also a course for at-home users (L2) and there is an online certification for at-home users and trainers (L3).

Buy the book if you like to see photos of the exercises and step-by-step instructions, and get the course if you want all that plus videos. If you want to be coached and/or teach others then take the online certification. Beginners start here.

There are several individual workouts available for purchase as well.

CAVEMANROM workouts are also available in our 250+ online kettlebell workout library which includes personalized coaching.

The ninety-ninety is part of the CAVEMANROM™ suite of exercises and the following video breaks down the technique for the ninety-ninety get up with a kettlebell.

Also, check out the 3 best kettlebell mobility exercises for beginners.

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