Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download PDFs from the website?

All our PDFs are digitally encrypted and password protected, to allow us to do so, we need to provide our PDFs through a process. That process is:

  1. Find the product page in our shop; or follow the product link from the associated article
  2. Click “Add to basket” button
  3. Click “View basket” button; or “Basket” link
  4. Click “Checkout” button
  5. Log in if you have an account
  6. Complete the checkout details
  7. To save time with your future downloads we recommend to create an account
  8. Details on how to download the files to your computer will be included on the order completion screen and in your email

Why are the PDFs password protected?

Our PDFs should only ever be available for download from, nowhere else, to protect the content we automatically digitally encrypt all our electronic products, and password protect them.

What is the password to open the file?

The password to open any digital file from Cavemantraining is your email address, the email address you provided upon checkout. The password is case-sensitive, meaning that if you entered, will not work as the password.

Why does the download expire?

We serve literally thousands of files to customers each week, each file has the customer information digitally imprinted, and the file size can be up to 5 megabytes big. Storing all those files for a very long period of time is going to take up a lot of disk space, plus, the idea is that you buy the electronic product, and download it your own computer. Most electronic product download links are only valid for 7 days.

Do you have printed copies of the book?

Yes, they’re available on Amazon.

Can I open books purchased from Cavemantraining on my Kindle device?

Yes, just transfer the file to your Kindle and type in the password just like you would on your computer to unlock and read it.

Can I open books purchased from Cavemantraining on my Amazon Fire Tablet?

Yes, just transfer the file to your tablet and make sure you have downloaded Adobe Acrobat.

Can I read books purchased from Cavemantraining on my phone?

Yes, just email or transfer the PDF to your phone.

How long do I have to download the book to my devices?

You have 7 days to transfer the book to your devices, after that you can request renewed access if you lost your book.

Why does my discount code not work?

If you came from an affiliate partner website then discount codes are not valid. If you complete your order and email us the voucher code then, assuming it’s a valid coupon code, we will email you a coupon to purchase digital products from our shop to the value of the discount.

How can I find a product/service?

All our products and services are listed in our online shop, you can search the shop from the main menu under the SHOP link, or use the list of categories to drill down. For convenience, we’ve also listed all shop categories further below.

Why should I create an account on Cavemantraining?

Anyone that creates an account on Cavemantraining automatically joins our free online fitness community, which for one means that, you’ll get access to protected content that normally requires a share/like, you get a weekly email with workouts, videos, and other unconventional training information.

Where should I ask questions not listed here?

You can always contact us via email, or on Facebook.

How can I access my online course?

All courses you enrolled in are accessible from the main menu “Education” > “Your Courses“.

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