Following are a few random testimonials we’ve received over the many years we’ve been operating. The reviews/testimonials range from our services in person, to books, courses, and online training.


I’m a man, 62 years of age, whom has warded off imminent knee replacement surgery through the strengthening of surrounding muscles. I discovered Taco Fleur and Cavemantraining six months ago and I became impressed on several levels. Through his approach to kettlebell training and his tutorials on Youtube, I have been able to understand, learn and execute these exercises. For me, Taco Fleur represents and mainstreams the discipline of kettlebell training.
I have read and have found his training manual to be concise, comprehensive and utilitarian (Taco Fleur does not disappoint). For anyone seriously interested in pursuing this discipline; this training manual is a must have. Thank you Taco.

Sincerely yours, Jay Kipperman


I really liked the book. Unlike some e-books that look shoddily put together it’s obvious some time and care has been put into this. Very well laid out, lovely colour photos & diagrams illustrating details on different exercises. The whole thing has a quality “feel”.
As for content, it’s right up there with anything I’ve read on kettlebell training. Ideal for a beginner to get them up and running with kettlebell training and tons of details on the finer points of techniques, particularly the section on grips, which even an intermediate or more experienced user can learn from. It also has a ton of links to demonstration videos of the techniques covered.
Touches on training philosophies, goal setting and programming also. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone starting out with kettlebells or wanting to improve their technique / skills and take their training up a level.

Andy Nolan


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