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Master The Kettlebell Curl

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Master The Kettlebell Curl

The king of exercises for arm growth and strength



Learn more than 20 variations of the kettlebell curl for when you need to curl something extremely heavy for 1 rep (strength), light to medium for many reps (muscular/cardiovascular endurance), or for aesthetics (hypertrophy).

Understand how to program the curl for strength, hypertrophy, or cardio and use the workouts in this book or design your own to suit your exact goals and condition.

This book has all the information you need about the exercises demonstrated through step-by-step photos and detailed information. But, should you have any further questions, as a buyer of our book, you can join our online communities and ask questions which we’ll answer if you tag @Cavemantraining.

With that said, I’ve chosen to focus on the kettlebell curl variations and how to perfectly execute them, all other information is presented in a way that focuses on just the right amount to be able to understand the basics. 



Firstly, thank you for the valuable opportunity to review this book. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge by doing so.

This is a superb book. It is very well structured and easy to follow, even for a relative newcomer such as myself. I particularly like the way the book starts with key information linked to the context and benefits of curling, the importance of grips, and applicable safety considerations. The content is concise without overwhelming the reader with too much information. After reading the initial content I was keen to invest more time into reading the rest of the book.

The sections on volume, intensity, density, frequency, and programming are good. They effectively clarify these aspects to the reader. As a newcomer, these aspects can be a little confusing, but your explanations are clear.

The pages about rep and set types are interesting, and again, very easy to understand, I’m certainly guilty of unnecessary cheat reps – but didn’t even know about this definition until reading this book!

Your comparisons between strength, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular endurance are written in a way that is very easy to comprehend and has provided me with greater clarity. Very useful information about rep ranges depending upon on training goals (strength, hypertrophy, etc.).

Of particular relevance to me, and certainly to all kettlebell enthusiasts is the section on periodization and overtraining. This information will be incredibly beneficial to all users. Hopefully it will prevent people from injuring themselves or developing ill health. As a newcomer, I was initially unaware that overtraining could result in the symptoms explained.

The kettlebell curl variations – the content that will likely be the most attractive to the reader! All the variations are explained concisely yet very effectively. Simple, but effective. The photos are great, they are engaging and provide a visual element to those that favor this particular learning style. Because I’m familiar with your other ebooks, initially I thought that video links demonstrating each exercise were missing and should have been included. However, having absorbed the whole book, I can now see why you have created a specific area on your website to provide links to relevant video demonstrations – I think this is an effective strategy. The photos associated with each curl variation are highly effective in demonstrating the movement sequences.

In keeping with the portability, versatility and accessibility of the kettlebell, the towel grip curl variations are great and I’m sure these will appeal to all! The simple inclusion of a readily available item such as a towel opens up yet more options to an already incredibly versatile training tool.

I like the way you have provided examples of workouts featuring curl variations for differing levels of experience. It wraps up the book nicely as the reader can see how curls can be effectively incorporated into their workout regime and don’t necessarily have to be utilized as standalone exercises (as with conventional dumbbell and barbell training). I imagine there are many kettlebell enthusiasts that will enjoy adding curl movements into their training, especially if like me, they have never really given kettlebells and curling movements much thought, it’s easy to consider barbells and dumbbells as the most appropriate tools for curling – this book challenges that concept!

This book will provide inspiration and will challenge all levels of expertise. I firmly believe that all readers, regardless of experience will benefit from the content.
This will be a great instructional and reference tool throughout my kettlebell journey.

I feel honored to have had the opportunity to review this book prior to its official release, thanks again for the opportunity.

Dan Hulme


Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Cavemantraining 4
About The Author 5
Definitions 11
Why Curl? 13
Grip Is Extremely Important 14
Safety 15
Tendonitis 16
Isolation 17
How Many Kettlebells To Use? 18
Kettlebell Anatomy 19
Different Stances 20
Elbow Flexors 21
Hypertrophy 22
Progressive Overload 23
Volume 24
Intensity 24
Density 24
Frequency 24
Programming 25
Controlled Reps 26
Time Under Tension 27
Drop Sets 28
Super Sets 29
The Pump 30
Cheat Reps 31
Peak Contraction / Squeezing The Muscle 32
Strength 33
Cardiovascular Endurance 34
Muscular Endurance 35
Rep Ranges 36
Exercise Phases And Contractions 38
Periodization And Overtraining 39
Kettlebell Curl Variations 40
Assisted Curl 41
Static Squat Dead Curl 43
Seated Curl 56
Kneeling Curl 62
Crush Grip Curl 65
Hammer Curl 68
Open Palm Curl 71
Gunslinger 72
Towel Grip Curl 75
Flexed Static Hold 82
Reverse Grip Curl 84
Gorilla Curl 85
Standing Front Curl 92
Standing Lateral Curl 96
Standing Medial Curl 99
Standing Horn Grip Curl 100
Incline Bench Kettlebell Curls 104
Bent-over Curl To Shoulder 105
Bent-over Double-arm Curl To Chest 107
Complexes 109
Workouts 150
Thank You 157
Other Kettlebell Books 158
Online Kettlebell Courses And Products 160
Website 161



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  1. Alexander D. (Verified Customer)

    Was hoping for hard copy of the book But good info regardless

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    • Taco Fleur (store manager)

      Hi Alexander, physical books are available on Amazon. As per the description, these are electronic books.

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