Cavemantraining Ethics—Be a Caveman Trainer!

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Take our free online trainer ethics exam which covers the Cavemantraining principles that govern our trainer’s behavior and the conducting of training sessions. The answers to the questions can be found throughout our website and learning material. These are the ethics our trainers should try to live by, we say ‘try’ because we’re fully aware of exceptions to the rule (not everything is black or white) and not everyone is always perfect.

You will receive a certificate from this online certification if you pass and will receive an online ranking for points earned. But remember, you only get 2 tries at passing the 90% pass score, therefore, if it means anything to you at all to have the ethics of a Cavemantrainer, you first invest the time in this website, its videos, its content, and participate in our groups.

This course, Master Kettlebell Grips, and Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 are a requirement for Cavemantraining affiliation.

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