Fitness Affiliate Program

How does our fitness affiliate program work?

  1. Apply for a sales affiliate account
  2. Go through the approval process
  3. Download the detailed PDF
  4. Understand our products
  5. Check out our creatives
  6. Request customized creatives
  7. Obtain a coupon code
  8. Passionately promote our products
  9. Realize a sale
  10. Get paid

It’s important to understand that our program is all about quality and passionate affiliates. We pay a high commission because we only allow those that are truly interested in the products/services. This means you need to have a website related to fitness, a YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook group, Pinterest, or another marketing platform that is related to health and fitness. If you are a fitness professional, consider becoming a community expert as explained in the PDF.

We do not condone any form of spamming. A thousand spammy links are not important, but one quality informative related link is.


Affiliate percentage

The affiliate percentage fee will depend on your resources. The default affiliate commission paid is 15%  and the highest percentage is 40% which is reserved for those who have a high traffic resource and bring in regular sales. Our highest payout for one product is $127.



We look at our affiliates as partners, we will invest in partners that convert traffic into sales, this means that once you realized two sales on our website, you can contact us and ask about customized graphics, videos, landing pages, backlinks, etc.


Once you have shown to invest time and resources into Cavemantraining we can return the investment, let you use one of our groups to promote, provide you with a unique voucher code to provide discounts to your clients, and receive a commission on any sales. We can also promote your brand, your articles, etc. this is not a one-way street.



By default, all our products in our shop earn you a 15% affiliate commission. As you have generated over $1,000 in revenue you can apply to be moved to the 20% tier.

You can also negotiate commission on individual products, i.e. you are interested in a particular product believing it will get good traffic from your campaigns, and you will invest time into this one product. After you present your plan we can discuss a custom percentage.

If you have a mailing list or a high-volume campaign you intend to run for a product, we can also discuss a custom affiliate commission prior to you running the campaign.


100% commission

The following product(s) earn you 100% of the sign-up fee.

Caveman Inner Circle Membership $30
(note that the customer does need to follow through with signing up for a membership)


High Selling Products

Some high selling products on our website are:


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