The Best Kettlebell Exercises For Burning Fat

The Best Kettlebell Exercises For Burning Fat

When you’re on a mission to lose weight using the best kettlebell exercises for burning fat then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will explain how you can use kettlebell exercises to lose weight.

First a little info about weight loss, you want to burn fat and not just lose water, or worse, muscle mass. It’s also important to mentally prepare yourself for the stages of weight loss, which are an early rapid weight loss stage followed by a slower longer period of weight loss and a weight loss plateau can also be experienced.

One should also realize that most of the work should be done in the kitchen by eating healthy and only what the body needs once it’s in an optimal state. One can’t out-train a bad diet no matter how hard you attack some of the best kettlebell workouts.

To lose fat/weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume each day, through a lower-calorie diet and regular physical activity like kettlebell training. If you put on more muscle mass then you burn more calories, burning more calories so that you enter a calorie deficit is what you want when burning fat.

Enough on all that as you’re here to find out what the best kettlebell exercises for burning fat are but before we get stuck into those, one last important note. By far, the most important fat loss factors include adopting sustainable and healthy dietary and exercise habits you enjoy doing in the long term. If you do not enjoy what you’re doing then you won’t stick to it, and the kettlebell is perfect for this objective as it’s not only super effective but also fun.

The Top 4 Best Kettlebell Excises For Burning Fat

Kettlebell Exercises

The top 4 best kettlebell excises for burning fat are:

  1. Squat
  2. Row
  3. Press
  4. Clean

The squat and clean are great because they’re both compound exercises and even better performed with double kettlebell. These four kettlebell exercises can be used for strength as well as cardio and are selected so that literally the whole body is worked.

The clean is the only ballistic exercise on the list and not only is it a great exercise to work on weight loss but it’s also a requirement to clean the weight before squatting or pressing.

For any beginners, these 4 exercises are a must, and with one kettlebell only. These are the basics and fundamentals of kettlebell training and they’re covered in the kettlebell book or video, beginners kettlebell workout, and our online course/certification.

At the beginning of your kettlebell fat loss journey, you want to focus on slow strength and mastering the exercises. As you progress and have mastered the technique, you want to look at incorporating high-intensity work and HIIT.

You will be better off by developing some strength and mastering the technique first before jumping into the deep water with faster movements.

Best Kettlebell Exercises For Losing Belly Fat

You might be surprised to learn that the best kettlebell exercises for losing belly fat are the same exercises listed above. They will help you lose belly fat as it’s not possible to spot reduce, i.e. to target a certain area of your body with kettlebell exercises to lose fat faster than other areas. In fact, the belly area is usually the last and hardest part of losing fat.

You can work on developing muscles in that area, which the above exercises do as well, all of them involve working the core. If you want to feel the burn in that area then you should look at non-kettlebell exercises like the crunch and leg raise. By the way, that burn doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making those areas stronger but is usually a result of working on muscular endurance by repeating a movement. For strength, you want to work on going heavier and not higher volume with no or lighter weight. The latter is for muscular endurance and cardio.

Best Kettlebell Program For Fat Loss

The best kettlebell program for fat loss is the one that you stick to, the one that you enjoy. Even a program that isn’t the most effective one but is one that you stick to is better than one that you give up on.

We have several fully detailed programs that can be started by beginners as well and everything is included to progress, i.e. the whole journey is laid out.

If you have a large and heavy collection of kettlebells available then PROMETHEUS PHASE II is an excellent kettlebell program to develop strength and increase muscle mass.

If you have two kettlebells of the same weight or with not too much difference between them then OMINOUS is a great kettlebell workout to start with.

If you only have one kettlebell and are more interested in high-intensity short work, then THE PACE MAKER is a great program to start with.

If you want to have access to all of the above plus hundreds of other kettlebell workouts that are effective for losing weight then check out our inner circle kettlebell membership which gives you access to over 250 sessions that include technique breakdown, common mistakes, alternatives, progressions, prep work, warm-up, workout, and cooldown plus more. This membership also comes with personalized coaching so that you can learn step by step with qualified coaches.

How To Exercise With Kettlebells

The possibilities of how to exercise with kettlebells are infinite and what’s covered above are the basics and fundamentals. It’s what everyone should start with, from there the journey is amazing as you can stay occupied and interested by learning each and every exercise from the kettlebell exercise encyclopedia.

You can take it to the next level and start incorporating combos, flows, and other ways to exercise with the kettlebell. The 4 kettlebell workout books by Cavemantraining have workouts for power, endurance, strength, mental toughness, muscular endurance, flexibility, and so much more.

There is also a whole other world called kettlebell sport which is focussed on just a select few of the best kettlebell exercises and then used for cyclic training, i.e. repeating the same movement for 10, 30, or 60 minutes. It’s great as a sport to get competitive but also great for weight loss and experiencing a world of camaraderie unlike you’ve experienced before.

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