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Weight loss is so out of date, it’s so 2nd millennium!

Written by Taco Fleur
Edited by Sean Wells

The biggest problem is in the title “weight loss”; you don’t want to lose “weight”, and no one should want to lose “weight”… do you think you’ll end up looking this if you just lose weight?

No, the above is the result of fat loss and muscle gain

Weight loss is so 20th century. We’re in the 21st century now, so let’s get with the times, the program, and up to speed with how these things really work…


Extreme dieting is not the way to go. If you are not working on creating a sustainable diet for yourself, you will almost certainly experience the Yo-Yo Effect—you may get results quickly, but you’ll lose them just as quickly, and more than likely end up in a worse situation than before, with even more bodyfat and less muscle.


Cardio is not the magic pill you’re looking for, and running on the treadmill for hours on end and/or only doing cardiovascular exercise is not the answer. You need to have the right mix in the right format, the right dosage and suitable for you and your current goals and abilities.


Dieting is not some crazy sounding plan that requires you to eat nothing but celery soup or raw vegetables. A diet is something that normal, everyday healthy people do without thinking, using common sense and simply eating based on nutritional requirements. Proper dieting is about feeding your body the food it needs, not what the mind wants; feeding it the right portions, not what the eye wants. Proper nutrition is key, but extreme dieting is counterproductive, and not eating with the goal of “weight loss” will make things even worse.


Weight loss and looking at the scales is so wrong, and the fact is it’s always been wrong. There are so many factors that can affect the scales —especially with women— that even though you’re actually making progress, the scales might not tell you so.

Weight loss scales

What you want to lose is centimetres (or inches) where they don’t belong—you want to lose fat, become toned, get ripped, and look and feel good. The mirror is your friend, your old clothes are your measuring tools, and your brain is your biggest ally—use them, all, and get rid of the scales.

Instead of excess dieting, excess cardio and excess weighing, you need to aim for long-term, sustainable lifestyle solutions. This means something you can live with right away, something you can get used to over time, and something you can end up doing daily without even thinking about it.

Here’s a little secret you might not know: muscle weighs more than fat. Well, technically that’s not true—a pound of fat and a pound of muscle both weigh a pound—but it’s easier to say than “muscle is more dense and compact, so it takes up less space in your body.”

If you get started on the right program, find you’re feeling and looking good, yet the scale is showing that you gained “weight”, you’re more than likely looking at the result of added muscle mass and loss of fat, which is a good thing. The weight gain is a positive, not a negative.


Fat loss can’t be something someone else wants for you, you have to want it. Although you should consider your family as well, you have to do this for yourself, otherwise it will not last.
~ Taco Fleur


Accountability is your biggest driver for a successful program. If you can’t be accountable to yourself, find someone you can be accountable to, and if no one around you can provide you with enough accountability, hire a professional; put your hard-earned money on the line.

Put your reputation on the line as well—show people you are a doer and you’re committed to make this work. Put your plans out on social media, so you’ll be seen as someone who can’t stick to his word if you don’t pull through.


Mentality also plays a huge factor in your fat loss journey. If you’re not mentally tough enough to overcome some of the obstacles that will be thrown at you, if little bumps easily put you two steps back, then you must seek mental support from someone who can help you analyse your problems and find solutions. Hopefully your mentality has changed just by reading this…right now, you may be thinking:


Damn, running is not going to make me look good, not eating is no good, weight loss is out of date, what should I be doing!?”

Free weight loss pill

Glad you asked. Here’s the quick pill you’ve been looking for:

  • motivation
  • accountability
  • small, sustainable changes
  • cardio training
  • resistance training
  • proper nutrition
  • become stronger—not just physically, but mentally as well—in your own way and in your own time

It’s like all those wonderful personal trainers who will give you a diet plan—you know, the same one they give to every one of their clients? It just doesn’t work that way; you’re an individual, you have different needs, different goals, different tastes, everything about you is different than the next person, so you can’t have a plan for dieting or working out that works for everyone.

Again—it all starts with a little motivation:


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    “But resistance training/weight lifting is going to give me muscle, I don’t want to look like a guy/bodybuilder!”


    Uh-huh. I hear this all the time—please: you’re not going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a month, not in a year, and your physique is something that develops slowly over time, it’s not like all of sudden BANG! and you have these big muscly shoulders or Madonna arms you don’t like.


    “What do you recommend for exercise?”


    I highly recommend kettlebell lifting as it combines cardiovascular exercise and resistance training into one amazing workout. I also recommend sprinting, high intensity interval (HIIT) training, boxing and other forms of weight lifting.

    But remember: all in the right dosage, with the right information, inspiration, and a clear path of progression. In the 21st century, health and fitness isn’t about what you’re trying to lose. It’s about everything you have to gain.

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