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If you want to earn respect, you have to respect yourself first.

If you sit on your ass all day, you're wasting away. Exercise is no longer just to look good. Exercise is a requirement for every living being. We no longer have to hunt for our food or maintain the land. We no longer have to ...

Bad Workout, Got Hurt! Did You Read The Label?

Not that I'm a big fan of medicine, but if you have to take some, you check the label first, right?...

5 Tips How to Fight Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a condition known as muscle loss. It mostly affects people who have passed their fifties, and it can decrease life...

Cause and Effect, A Fix For Your Problems

Hypertrophy Cause: working out/muscle damage Effect: muscle growth Atrophy Cause: inactivity Effect: muscle loss Fatigue Cause: over training Effect: fatigued, tired, muscle soreness, frequent illness, disturbed sleep and alterations...

76 Years Of Age. Still Snatching 162 Reps. 32kg Chin-up…

76 years of age, survived five heart attacks, now he chin-ups 32kg, strict presses 2 x 24kg, and probably out trains your lazy husband. Read the full story on

46 Yrs, Kettlebells and How I Lost 20kg

Hey, my name is Chris, I'm from Germany and 46 years of age. I was a sporty guy during my younger years,...
What are pine pollen?

What Are Pine Pollen?

Pine Pollen - The Best Superfood You're Not Eating If you're taking crappy bodybuilding supplements like pre-works, cheap protein powders, or fat...
Slave to your weakness

Are You a Slave to Your Weakness?

“You have been a slave to your weakness for a long time. Swing your axe and cut the chains. Only then...
Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function

Without patting myself on the back too hard, I would say I'm in pretty good shape. I wouldn't consider myself a...

Find Yours…

I've been training most my life, I've trained hundreds if not nearly over a thousand people in many different countries, but...
The Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet—Like Nature Intended

The Caveman Diet... as natural as possible, like nature intended.   When it comes to diets, everyone has an opinion and big companies...
Secret to Caveman Fitness

Could This Be the Secret to Caveman Fitness?

You can train like a caveman and eat like a caveman but if you drink like a fish you might not...

15 Minute Kettlebell Fat Blaster

I designed this 15 minute full-body kettlebell fat blaster because Eric Walmsley and I been talking for a while on Facebook,...
Training On a Ketogenic Diet

Training On a Ketogenic Diet: Can You Build Muscle Without Carbs?

If you’re like me and have done even a casual search for information about ketogenic diets before, you have probably come...

Your Shit Says a Lot About You!

Okay, so your first impression might be like what the hell is this?! It's rude and inappropriate to talk about my...
Dr Gregory Ellis

Nutrition Tips by Dr. Gregory Ellis, PhD, CNS

Most people want to optimise their production of energy. Fat is the primary fuel of the body, not carbohydrates. This is a fundamental mistake that people make. Even some of the “experts” make the same error.
Exercise: no longer just to look good

Exercise: No Longer Just to Look Good

Lets be honest, getting up to retrieve the TV remote and sitting back in your lazy chair doesn't exactly require a lot of physical abilities, neither does pressing the garage remote to open the door, taking the elevator to get to your flat, or dialling for a pizza which is delivered to your door.

Best Food For Athletes To Fight Inflammation and Prevent Injury

Being a top athlete requires your body to sustain a high level of physical stress. Exposing your body to constant weight...
Are you suffering?

Are You Suffering?

People in today's society lack a point of reference for suffering. They describe being so tired that they just can't get out of bed, are too sore to workout, or are to quick giving up when a task gets difficult. What people think is an exhausting ordeal is actually quite within their realms of capability.
Caveman Athlete Kelly Manzone

Caveman Athlete: Kelly Manzone

At the age of 37, I’ve come to let those things roll off my back as I continue to peruse what makes me happy. Typically someone spewing energy like that is unhappy and uncomfortable with themselves. Since recently joining kettlebell sport, I find the community a haven from the negative energy.

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