Slave to your weakness

Are You a Slave to Your Weakness?

“You have been a slave to your weakness for a long time. Swing your axe and cut the chains. Only then will you be free.”


Playing football was my childhood passion.  I was able to maintain an athletic lifestyle on a care-free diet, eating whatever I wanted.  After I quit playing football, freshman year of college, my poor nutritional habits caught up to me.

After football, I maintained activity through CrossFit, boxing and riding bulls.  A knee injury from bull riding side-lined me, and my care-free diet caught up to me.  At a doctor’s appointment I was floored when the scale read 292 pounds.  At 20 I was pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure and (non-alcoholic) fatty liver.



I had every excuse in the book for why I was inconsistently working out and for my slacking nutritional decisions.  My first son was due in a few months and I had a primal urge to get a grip on my health.  I began educating myself on nutrition, changed my diet completely and started working out like an athlete.

I was committed to living a better life.  I started eating like a caveman and bought my first set of kettlebells.  The caveman diet helped me change my health around.  Kettlebells allowed me to workout conveniently, and efficiently.

In about 1 year, I went from an unhealthy 292 pounds to a gratifying 185 pounds, which I have maintained for 4 years.  Eating, training and living with caveman-mentality has changed my life.  My poor diagnoses have been reversed, I am no longer pre-diabetic, my blood pressure is perfect and my liver has corrected itself.  Currently, I am subscribing to the theory of caveman’s feast and famine phases and I train barefoot as much as possible.

I took my passion for health and turned it into a career, I became a Certified Personal Trainer.  Personal Training allows me the ability to share what I have learned. has become my second home, where my clients’ quality of health and fitness are my priorities.

My life goals are to help those who were in similar positions as I was.  I want people to know that you are in control of your own destiny.  My favorite quote to use for motivation is from Joe Rogan

“be the hero of your own movie”

The time is now to make the decision to change your life and become the person that you dreamed you would be.

Story submitted by Campbell Judy, submit yours today.

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