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Grip Strength

15 Ways to Build Powerful Hand Grip

Carrying five grocery bags requires not just strong arms but a powerful grip too! In fact, studies back this up. Grip strength is a predictor of muscle strength and endurance and is linked with a number of health conditions, such as mobility, cognitive function, bone mineral density, heart health, and overall strength. Not sure if …

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7 Kettlebell Myths You Should Know

7 Kettlebell Myths You Should Know

Kettlebells have risen in popularity over the recent years as they allow people to add an element of functional strength training into their regimen. Even with their rise in popularity, there are still many members of the athletic and weight lifting community who are operating under various misconceptions, the most common of which we will …

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Exercising When You’re Over 50

Physical activity is an important factor in maintaining good health, no matter how old you are. People over 50 years old are particularly advised to do any type of exercise, from walking, swimming, and cycling, to the most demanding training sessions in gyms. Those who practice physical activity have fewer health problems than others. As …

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Reasons Why New Year Fitness Resolutions Fail

Have you noticed that your gym’s been ridiculously crowded since New Year’s Day? But come February, don’t be surprised if everything goes back to normal. The truth is, those New Year fitness resolutions just don’t last very long, and by February, a big chunk of new members will have dropped out. Perhaps you’ve even experienced this yourself! Have you ever wondered why New Year fitness resolutions fail?

Three Tips for Ripped Abs

A tight and flat mid-section, preferably with a visible six-pack, is the Holy Grail for almost every gym-goer. If we had a dollar for every client who asked us how they could get ripped abs, we’d be gazillionaires by now. But here’s a little secret you may not know…

Don’t skip your warm-ups

Nobody really warms up …  but you should, here’s how! Over the years of physical preparation and general fitness development with my clients, I came to the conclusion that if you don’t give direct information on the warm-up, your clients will not do it by themselves. Even if you do, most of the trainees just …

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