The Grinding Warrior Workout

This workout is all to be performed slow and grinding. 2 rounds with one kettlebell and the last two rounds with two kettlebells. Beginners should perform the workout without weight.


The video includes a warm-up, no special effects or titles, just the warm-up and workout. You could use it to work out at the same time as watching the video, I cut the rest breaks, so you would have to pause the video at that stage and press play when ready to resume the workout.


2 rounds with one kettlebell

  • 5 front squats L
  • 5 front squats R
  • 5 windmills L
  • 5 windmills R
  • 5 bent press L
  • 5 bent press R
  • 5 cossack squat R
  • 5 cossack squat L

Repeat with two kettlebells.

Use a medium weight that is safe for you. I used two 16kgs.


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