Learn Kettlebells at Home: Review by Herman Kaljo

My name is Herman Kaljo and I am passionate about kettlebells and training with them. I recently started a Youtube channel focusing on Kettlebell Training and Reviews.

I was granted the opportunity to take this course by Taco Fleur himself to vlog about it.

Getting started with the course I realized from the start that there is a tremendous amount of material to go through – plus it was available in three different forms: the book, on the online course platform, and as audio.


This course delivered what it promised to deliver – that is – teaching you the fundamentals of kettlebell training in a very comprehensive and practical manner. Each movement was broken down into as many little steps as possible and illustrated by numerous photos and videos from different angles so that you could learn the most minute details of the technique shown. Every lesson ended with a practical exam where you have to demonstrate the skills you acquired by filming your technique when performing the exercises covered in the unit.

Despite being a busy coach in real life, and having many other commitments, Taco Fleur provided me good feedback on my form relatively quickly after submitting the practical assignments. Any e-mail queries I sent to him were also answered quickly and in a helpful manner.

I can certainly recommend this course to anyone looking to master the fundamentals of kettlebell training.

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