IKMF Andreas Jakobson, Stéphane Dogman, Spyridon Katsigiannis

Today is a sad sad day. Let me paint you a picture.

5 October 2018 I came home from my Brazilian Jim jujitsu class, not a care in the world, unaware that several people had started a war with me and my business.


I had to find out through my wife that several people were tarring my name publicly, and she only stumbled upon the post by accident. there was no tag, no phone call, no message, and no email to warn me of their intention to tarnish my name in front of thousands of people. Screenshot of the whole post at the bottom.

This came from the organization I was proud of being part of, the organization that I wanted to help grow, the organization I had absolutely no quarrels with until out of the blue they publicly started shaming my name along with other nastiness.

I’ll get to the nitty-gritty soon, allow me to lay the foundation first so you fully understand how low these people sank.

I participated in an IKMF kettlebell sport competition with my wife, we achieved rank 2, it was our first kettlebell comp ever and we were very proud of it. I contacted my country representative to check if we could use that title and proudly display it. The answer was yes (see screenshot below). I always do my due diligence, I even contact these people to ask if I can post in their group before I do so. I respect the boundaries, even though they spam a lot of silliness in all of mine. All good, I did not make a fuzz. The point is, I show respect.


Following is the screenshot of the conversation between me and my country representative before I used the title.


Here is the shit kicker. They decided as a group, the whole board of IKMF that it was a good idea to call me out on the use of the rank 2. See the FB conversation below where they state it was a board decision. Quickly let me clear something that was indeed my mistake, I used the word ‘level’ instead of ‘rank’ if you look at my bio at the bottom of this page you might understand why this happened. Those that know me better, know I would not do it on purpose to mislead, and they also know I don’t give two hoots about titles. but I know the majority of my book readers love it, some people like to see titles, and for some, it might mean more than experience. Fine, I post my qualifications and titles.

I sure as hell don’t use the title to pretend as they accuse me of, I have no need to pretend, I trained thousands of people in private and in groups, in Australia, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. I can bring people from knowing nothing about the kettlebell to advanced and even preparation for kb sport. I know my kettlebells, so if I want to call myself a coach, there is no one who is going to stop me (they’ll complain but F them).   As for my audience, kettlebell sport people are not it, they’re my fellow competitors. The 100,000+ people who bought my kettlebell beginners’ books on Amazon, the million people that viewed my videos, the beginners to intermediate, and the at-home kettlebell users who complete my free kettlebell workouts are my audience. I like to guide the people that I train and help them discover kettlebells in sport. I love the competition, and I love the camaraderie, but again, politics, jealousy, and bitchiness have won leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Let me tell you where this all began, even though they like to say it had nothing to do with it, my guts tell me it does, and I hate to say it, but my gut is rarely wrong. I mean, is it just normal to put a post up in your group and start bashing someone that competes in your organization without contacting them? Anyways, the revered Andreas Jakobson was part of my highly popular kettlebell training group, in which he liked to always bash other styles, and always when someone asked a question, only put forward sport sport sport sport as the answer and everything else no good. I can’t stand for that, the group is about anything kettlebell, hardstyle, sport, juggling, CrossFit, freestyle, and everything else. The group is about sharing, helping, providing support, and above all, keeping an open mind. I asked Mr. Adreas Jakobson very politely to stop doing what he did, but he was unable to do so after three requests, I then posted that I would have to remove him if he continued. You can verify all this yourself, don’t take my word for it, plenty of people in the group that were sick of the bashing, but probably too scared to say something in public to the President of IKMF (now former president). I’m not scared.

By the way, he left on his own accord, I did not even have to ban him, but apparently, some people got so upset that someone pm’ed me and said that people were talking (in secret again), and not happy that I ‘mentioned‘ removing the revered Andreas Jakobson from the group. It’s my group, I decide how it’s run, I don’t care who it is, even if it was the president of the United States, I would have done the same. You keep ignoring the requests, you keep creating negativity, and you provide no value to the group, you get removed.

After he left by himself, I posted the following, note that I used no names, no photos, no nastiness, just info on what happened. BTW, those who complained about the above should feel free to leave too, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Full post here.

Yes, I put the names of the people involved out there in this article, because I feel like they’ve stooped extremely low and people should know about it, they should know that I did not start this and I tried to handle it politely and appropriately. I asked for a public apology to clear my name, but it got denied, so, here is the true story with screenshots. It’s sad because these people do a lot for many people, and I’m sure they’re good people who just made some bad choices lately, maybe they’re going through a rough time, maybe they’re jealous, who knows, if they’re man enough they will post the public apology I asked for and we’re done.


This is several hours after my wife asked for it to be removed, it could have been removed the instant she requested it.


By the way, it’s not a sad day for me, I’m just clearing my name, other than that, it’s just the usual, block, block, remove…who? I invest in the good stuff in life, not the bad, I have no space for it in my brain, the world is my oyster and even having to cut something awesome like this out is not going to affect me when I have so much other goodness around me.

What is really sad though is how some of these people in that group jumped on the bandwagon, some even making fun of Rank 2, “what is rank 2, nothing”. How pathetic. I really dislike once again being dragged into this, it’s one of the reasons I don’t affiliate with a sports organization, and just do my own thing, I don’t want any crap, putting people down, making fun of people, I want to lift people, help them grow, support them, I do so with my books, kettlebell videos, and mobile kettlebell apps. No more sport for me, I can lift in my own gym with the people I want and have no need for macho stuff or bitchy backstabbing.

What is even sadder, I did not intend to spend much time on this matter, because I figured it was coming from a sad and bitter person, but after showing that I did everything by the books to Mr. Dogman (apart from a spelling mistake), and he was super short, not one word of apology, not a “Yes, that should have never gone in public”, “yes, sorry that your country representative said it’s ok”, none of that, well, that did the bucket overflow. And let’s not forget the countless messages I received after this article calling me a child. Or the messages where he says that I like doing this because I’ve done it before, indeed, someone else put my name out in public before and started something that I finished, and I will do that over and over again, I stand up and defend, I don’t start these things, I finish them.

I know some of you will be upset because I’m talking about people you adore, respect, etc. but look at the facts. And just because I am not particularly happy with them, you and I could still be friends. Let me just summarize this for you, the IKMF thought I was using the title without permission and decided to not contact me about it, but instead tarnish my name out in the open, the whole board agreed to do it and the President himself posted it, others made fun on the post, plenty pressed like, it’s a sad day for IKMF.


Andreas Jakobson

Stéphane Dogman

Spyridon Katsigiannis

As soon as I get the names of who else was at that board meeting at which they made the mistake, I’ll update this list.


Following is the sad post that the president of the IKMF put up in their group with thousands of members.



Spyridon Katsigiannis
I am afraid that the internet world is full or people misrepresenting themselves as “experts”, while being nothing more than used car salesmen. Frankly, it is disgusting.

Monica Nielsen
Thanks Andreas for your hard work on keeping our sport pure and clean from pretenders

Stelios Sykas
What do u mean? That my IKMF medal of SIlver Kettlebell is fake?

Sarasino Rusty Marco Sport level 2 ???
I’m Vet2 this years, I think is enough 😉

Andrew Bora Taco Fleur
Someone tagged me to be able to respond to this madness. 

Anna Junghans Thanks Andrew Bora I’m on it, these are false accusations and they are not reading this correctly, when it clearly says he is CAVEMANTRAINING CERTIFIED, AND HAS achieved IKMF rank 2
Anna Junghans is my wife. And note that my wife had already contacted them privately to remove this, but they choose to keep talking in public.

Andrew Bora It does look in screen shot like level 2; but it’s all unimportant, in my mind at least, the only ranking that truly matters in my opinion is MS/MSIC

Sparky Molter Taco has been real helpful to me, sorry you and him aren’t seeing eye to eye, best regards to both of you

Andreas Jakobsen Sparky Molter
This has nothing to do with seeing eye to eye.
It’s about a false claim to the federation I am a big part of.

Sascha Wege but rank 2 is not that good isn`t it? ??

Anna Junghans Hello Andreas, If you read this correctly, he is saying he’s CAVEMANTRAINING CERTIFIED” and he has achieved IKMF Rank 2

Spyridon Katsigiannis In the posted image I read “level 2”, not “Rank 2”. There is no IKMF Level 2 and that might be misleading. It should be corrected.
Absolutely, but should you be posting this in a group along with other false accusations to get it corrected?

Andreas Jakobsen As Spyridon is saying .
It says IKMF sport level 2.
This is not a rank 2 .
Very misleading.

Andrew Bora I think it was likely an honest mistake and not his intention to mislead.

Andreas Jakobsen I am informed that there is neither a rank 2 .
Keep ignoring what people tell you.

Stéphane Dogman Anna Junghans to say everything must be justified by an official document. ikmf as all federations issue official documents. so when one says to be rank 2 or cms. it must be possible to justify an official document ikmf. we are a serious federation. At…See more

Anna Junghans before you make public accusations, you need to check the facts. I did not speak with you or Andreas, I spoke my countries representative. And here is the results. Crazy this, actually debating this online in a public group with you two for a title I was proud of, proud being part of an organisation, but no longer.\Taco
From here on I talk through my wives account as I already blocked some of this negativity from my personal account.

Frans Bach If it´s a mistake – then please correct it.

Claude Cromer Looks like an honest mistake to me and just maybe an over reaction !
Someone who sees it for what it is.

Kieran O’Sullivan So a guy wrote “level” instead of “rank” and now we have people saying it’s disgusting and even some mocking Rank 2. How about we get back to being friendly?
Another sensible person.

Tanya Buckley Kieran O’Sullivan exactly..I think the wording was just wrong..

Anna Junghans Hey Andreas, this is Taco here. You’re pretty sad, just because everyone wanted you out of the kettlebell training group because you always say that kettlebell sport is the best and nothing else is good, you’re now sinking this low?

I knew you had is…See more

Anna Junghans People making fun of rank 2 hey, sad sad sad.

Spyridon Katsigiannis I do not see “Rank 2″. I see ” Level 2″, which does not exist. Just correct this to “Rank 2 ATHLETE”.

Anna Junghans Here you go Andreas Jakobsen officially from the Chief Judge worldwide

Note they ignore the proof posted.

Anna Junghans So this is what people can expect when competing in your organization hey, being put out in a public group. This is slander, I’ll be having a chat with my lawyer just for fun. Pretty sad for a president of an organization to do this out in a public group…See more

Andreas Jakobsen This has nothing to do with our discussion on sports lifting vs fitness.
For argument’s sake, let’s say it didn’t have anything to do with your panties being in a knot, the point is, you don’t do something like this out in the open, can you not understand that?

You did not want any voice to be heard, other then your self, I left that page , as I was not wanted, and did you not puplicly out me afterwards? Yes.

This post is not coming from me, it’s from IKMF.
I do not post this on my own accord.

You know there has been several talks with IKMF on your part.
Where you have been told the rules .
Been told about ranks, and judges.

This is not a one time incident.

You know full well the difference between rank 2, and sport level 2 . This is not a mistake.

You have asked before to be assosiated with IKMF, and where told no.
I offered help to grow something beautiful, I have a large audience that eventually can be interested in kb sport, apologies for the offering. Seemed like someone was interested, but as soon as it hit your ears, well, only the flies on the wall can tell.

As we are not a fitness company, but try to build a sport.
Yup, and no one in sport comes from fitness, good thinking buddy.

If you had done the work , gotten the rank, you would be more then welcome.
I did put in the work and got the rank, I misbloodytyped rank because all other words around it had level. Why don’t you burn me on the stake? Or, why did you not bloody send an email like a respectable president with no grudge would do? 

And if you put rank 2 on your resymé, all is good.

But you have tried to shortcut our system before , and now this misleading info.

This IKMF will not stand for.

Anna Junghans What? Andreas, you have gone loco, you’re really making things up now. I have asked to be associated and been told no? What? Are you talking about Stephane and me talking about doing videos, which he then ran past you, and then you said no because of your feeling we…See more

Spyridon Katsigiannis No, that is not true. The videos thing went through a vote and was unanimously declined.

Anna Junghans Spyridon Katsigiannis I don’t care what it was, but don’t put it out here in a post and make it look like I tried to get in with the IKMF and got denied, it’s stupid, he’s just trying to word things to make me look bad. It was me and Stephane talking about videos to promote the IKMF and sport, getting more people into sport. Don’t say sport and fitness are two different things. Man, the whole post doesn’t make sense, anyone with a bit of sense can see what he’s doing. So sad, I talk to stephane about videos, he was good with it, you guys vote and it’s a no, I thought nothing of it, and you use it in post to make it sound like I wanted to get in with IKMF, in a post that should not have been put in a public group in the first place. I noticed you guys with the big chests have not said anything about the screenshots I posted where I got permission from my country representative… yeah …. OMG, sad sad. Jealousy is a bitch. Taco

My conversation with Stephane regarding helping with videos.

Spyridon Katsigiannis I don’t know whether you wanted to be associated with the IKMF and it does not matter. The point is that the IKMF voted to not be associated with you. Please do not try and turn this into a personal feud between you and Andreas. It is not fair.
You’re confused buddy, the feud is that you put something on the internet that should not have been posted. And the personal feud is from Andreas’ side, quite obviously, I also got confirmed from Stephane that this is the first time they decided to put it out in public like this. Well well well, what a coincidence, Stephane was unaware of the Andreas and kettlebell training group issue, I didn’t bring it up with him because for me it was water under the bridge, that was FB, this was IKMF. So, he was interested in help, he then goes to the board, and after that all hell breaks loose. Tell me again how it’s not a personal feud from your side? Anyone involved with this matter should be reviewed to see if they’ve got the qualities to head up an organisation like this. 

Anna Junghans So you all decided to put crap out in the public on me, without contacting me? Makes it even worse. I will expect a full public apology from all of you who decided to put your dirty washing out in public.

Let me tell you how it works, when I contact the IKMF it’s always “Contact your country representative”, so why did you not do that with this and get him to talk to me? Why did you guys not email me? Why no tag? Why put this out to make my name black? I only see one reason, jealousy and you got your panties in a knot. Feel free to explain why else you do this? Do you do this with everyone else who has participated in your organization and you have a biff with or makes a mistake?

Scott McLaughlin Guys, please take this offline to where it should’ve handled in the first place. You’re both well respected individuals in the KB world and doing this in an open forum is doing nothing to help either of you. For any new potential lifter out there this does not give off a good image especially with the upcoming competitions in a few weeks.

Anna Junghans Agreed, but I’ve asked them to take it down, they don’t and keep talking bull. I back my stories up with screenshots. I’m pissed and demand a public apology from them. Taco
Mind you, Anna had at this stage already contacted Stephane several hours ago asking to take the post down and he still took no action. I was completely unaware of this debacle for several hours.

Andreas Jakobsen This was an important thing for us, we do not believe it was a mistake . But we will delete the post.
Of course you will finally delete it five hours later when I back up what I say with screenshots and all you got is blah blah.

Anna Junghans don’t forget the public apology from all

As it currently stands, I don’t need any apology anymore, it won’t be sincere anyway, I offered many many times in private to just have them clear my name, but it was a clear and definite NO. Well, I don’t know, I guess I can be convinced with an extremely sincere public apology.


Again. Let me finish by saying, this ugly mess started with ‘highly respected’ people of an organization posting slander in public without contacting me directly. If it’s not been fueled by bitterness from some individuals egging others on, well, then this is what you have to look forward to when competing in the IKMF.  For me, the IKMF is over and done.



PS. I still have the highest respect for my country representative, I like to think he had no part in this matter. I assume he must have made an unintentional mistake by saying I could use the rank without getting a signed certificate from the Dogman. Or perhaps the organization itself really doesn’t know what’s what.

PPS. I never post public stuff like this, it’s only been done one other time, and under the same circumstances, i.e. the people/person posted publicly about me first, forcing me to clear my name. Also, I know they’ll play the card of “but you used LEVEL instead of RANK”, not gonna fly, you still should have done the right thing. The “I don’t speak good English card” is also not going to be accepted. If you still think I’m a liar look at the old copies of my books, it has “IKMF Rank 2” in it.



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