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Here’s your chance to become a contributor on one of the most popular unconventional online training magazines, Cavemantraining. Apply and submit your best work, whether it’s an article or video, if approved, you’ll get your own section and tools to upload content to the website, you can share your thoughts and ideas on Cavemantraining. Become part of the open source fitness revolution and get your name, branding and content in-front of our audience —02/2017 at 16,000 pageviews a month), social networks over 6,000 likes/followers, youtube 17,000 subscribers and our other resources like the personal trainers worldwide group on LinkedIn with over 12,000 members.

Your content will be reviewed before it goes live, and it will be in your own section under your name with your contact info and branding. People like Steve Cotter, Valerie Pawlowski, Kelly Manzone, Rik Brown, Don Giafardino, Levi Markwardt and many others have already contributed to the network before you, apply today.

Link building, don’t go there, we will not stand for using the website as a link building tool to get links to your website, you should be contributing, thinking about growing your profile, as soon as you prove yourself to the community you will get plenty of opportunities to get traffic to your website and other perks that will help you grow your own business.

Great contributors will get opportunities to be included in social campaigns, videos and many other marketing campaigns that will cost you no money. Just register as a user and fill out this form to be considered as a contributor. Other options for contribution are: copywriting, editing, grammar check, graphic design, social media promotion, what do you have to offer?

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