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We do not participate in link building, so please do not contact us for one-off articles, not even paid articles. What we are interested in is long-term relationships with high-quality relevant content. That means anything related to:

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • training
  • workouts
  • nutrition

And in particular:

  • barefoot training/running
  • kettlebells
  • functional
  • strength and conditioning for MMA or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • kettlebells for crossfitters
  • breathing
  • cold
  • mental toughness
  • unconventional
  • older and stronger
  • fat loss
  • lifestyle
  • overcoming challenges


So, you’ve seen our many articles, videos, ebooks, or Facebook posts, and would like to know how you can get on Cavemantraining? You want to get your content out to the world and in front of a large audience.



You need to have something interesting, unconventional, entertaining, or newsworthy and well written. Don’t submit any generic link building articles, they will not be accepted. Quality content only.

We accept:

  • Articles (written for the Cavemantraining audience)
  • Infographics (created for the Cavemantraining audience)
  • Workouts
  • Training programmes
  • Social media posts that come paired with a uniquely written intro of minimum 3 paragraphs
    • Instagram
      One-off submissions not accepted
    • Facebook
      One-off submissions not accepted
    • Youtube
  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Interviews


What do we do?

  • Share the post on our many social channels and possibly tag you
  • Re-share in due time
  • Extremely good posts will be featured on the homepage
  • Some posts will be re-released after X amount of time
  • Internally cross-link when relevant
  • Create artwork
  • Video editing
  • Photo editing



  • Your writing has to be unique and not posted elsewhere
  • A unique attention-grabbing title is required for any content
  • You need to own the rights to the content
  • You need to waive your rights to the content after acceptance; meaning we can change or use the content as we see fit
    • Re-use parts
    • Modify to suit the audience
    • Add photos
    • Remove photos
    • Etcetera


How to submit articles:

  • Submit in word format via email to with the subject: ARTICLE [your title]
  • Photos included in the layout will need to be attached separately
  • Photos need to be at least 640px in width and height (the higher the better)


How to submit social media posts:

  • Submit in word format via email to with the subject: SOCIAL MEDIA POST [your title]
  • Facebook posts included will need to be public and remain online
  • Instagram posts included will need to remain online and publicly accessible

Example: you post a clip on Instagram/Facebook with a movement, tutorial, piece of info, you copy the URL (make sure it can be embedded), include three or more paragraphs of text with your submission.


First time contributor?

As a first time contributor, please include your author details:

    • Full name
    • Social media links
    • Website
    • Short bio
    • Profile photo


Our channels:

  • Website
  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook groups
  • YouTube channel
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Mailing lists

People who have previously contributed to our website:

  • Leo Urquides (Onnit)
  • Eric Leija (Onnit)
  • Steve Cotter (IKKF)
  • Valerie Pawlowski (Team USA Kettlebell Sport)
  • Shawn Powers (Onnit)
  • Kelly Manzone (AAKA)
  • Rik Brown (The Maceman)
  • Don Giafardino (Adex Mace)
  • Levi Markwardt (RKC)
  • Jeff Bott (IFA)
  • Maurizio Tangari (Unconventional Republic)
  • Kirsten Tulloch / Moore (Kama Sutra Barbell)
  • Henk Bakker (Unconventional Athletes)
  • and many others have already contributed to the network before you, apply today.

Great contributors will get opportunities to be included in social campaigns, videos and many other marketing campaigns that will benefit you without the investment of money. Register as a user and fill out this form to be considered as a contributor. Other options for contribution are: copywriting, editing, grammar check, graphic design, social media promotion.

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