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Kettlebell Instructional Videos

The 5 Best Kettlebell Instructional Videos

Purchase the world’s best kettlebell instructional videos for yourself ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Whether you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training as a beginner or are wanting to dive into the next chapter of your kettlebell journey with the kettlebell snatch, you will find it here.

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20 Kettlebell Common Mistakes To Avoid

Well-renowned International Kettlebell Coach Taco Fleur covers 20 kettlebell common mistakes to avoid, they include kettlebell swing common errors, kettlebell clean, and many more…

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Top 5 Best Kettlebell Workouts

5 Best Kettlebell Workouts

From beginner to advanced, from single kettlebell workouts to double kettlebell, from cardio to strength, from short to long, these are the top 5 best kettlebell workouts.

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13 Functional Exercises

13 Best Functional Exercises of All Time

13 of the best functional exercises of all time. We’re covering one group of exercises that work every part of your body, covering each category from Pull, Push, Lift to Press exercises, and includes attributes for cardio, strength, flexibility plus explosiveness.

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Top 10 reasons to kettlebell strength train

Top 10 Reasons to Kettlebell Strength Train

All the stuff you need to hear but don’t want to hear. Basically, if you are currently sedentary, unhealthy, obese, or unhappy, you need to hear this truth. Or if you’re unsure whether you should continue with what you’re doing and are considering giving up on strength training, you need to read this no-holds-barred backed by science. Whether you are young or old, this applies to you.

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Ideas For Strength Training At Home

If you hate the gym, find it too expensive, don’t like the crowds, or just don’t have the time to make it to the gym and are looking for ideas for strength training at home then look no further. All you need is one kettlebell to get started,

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Kettlebell How many reps?

Kettlebells, how many reps, and how many days?

The answer to the kettlebell questions: How many repetitions? How many rounds? How much weight? How many days? What exercise?

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Kettlebell Muscle Toning

Kettlebell Exercises for Muscle Toning

So, how to tone up with kettlebells, and are kettlebells good for toning? First, let’s be clear that it’s not weight you want to lose but fat. For muscle toning, you need to put on muscle. For females, this might sound daunting but it’s the way it is and there is no way around that if a toned body is desired. There is no need to worry about looking like a bodybuilder or gaining muscles that make you look like a man, it’s not going to happen.

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13 Exercises for Herniated Discs

Exercises for Herniated Discs in the Lumbar Area

13 exercises, poses, and stretches for herniated discs in the lumbar area. These exercises are specifically targeting the areas that can alleviate pain, and help prevent herniated discs in the future.

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Kettlebell Buying Guide

Good Kettlebell Brand? What Kettlebell to Buy?

If you’re new to kettlebell training and need to make a decision on a good kettlebell to buy or what is a good kettlebell brand then read this information.

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Train Mental Toughness Man up You Pussy! Be Uncomfortable and Expose Yourself …

An article I wrote on mental toughness in 2016 and it has a lot to do with kettlebell training. Don’t judge the content by the title. After reading, feel free to debate or ask questions in our communities.

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Kettlebell Snatch

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and there are many ways to snatch a kettlebell. But why do things differently? If you like to know the intricate details of things as I do then read on. Over the years I have analyzed, experimented, and tried everything when it comes to kettlebell training, and below I’ll post those finding and also pair it with lots of videos.

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Free weight loss pills

Weight Loss or Fat Loss?

Extreme dieting is not the way to go. If you are not working on creating a sustainable diet for yourself, you will almost certainly experience the Yo-Yo Effect—you may get results quickly, but you’ll lose them just as quickly, and more than likely end up in a worse situation than before, with even more bodyfat and less muscle.

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What is a clean?

Definition of a Clean (Weight Lifting)

Search the Internet for the definition of a Clean and all you’ll find is information on a Clean with a particular piece of exercise equipment, like for example a Power Clean with an Olympic Bar, you’ll also find references to Clean & Jerk, Clean & Press, but these are all specific versions of a Clean or a…

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Avoid kettlebell forearm bruising and pain

Forearm Pressure, Bruising and Pain from Kettlebells

I’ve literally spent days analyzing the kettlebell grip and how it can produce forearm pressure, bruising, tenderness, and pain. Here’s how to avoid these issues.

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How to Structure a Kettlebell WOD (Workout Of the Day)

There are many ways to structure a kettlebell workout of the day, but here’s what we consider the most optimal structure for any type of workout, but especially Kettlebell WODs.

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The History of the Kettlebell by Steve Cotter and Taco Fleur

A couple of years ago I did research on the history of the kettlebell and in 2016 I met up with Steve Cotter in Spain and added more details to the research. The above video is the result, behold the History of the kettlebell part II by Steve Cotter and Taco Fleur. The kettlebell (girya)…

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