Swinging Kettlebells

Swinging Kettlebells—What does swinging a kettlebell do?

Swinging kettlebells seems to be one of the most popular exercises when it comes to kettlebell training, but is it really that effective, and what does swinging a kettlebell do?

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What Weight Kettlebell Should I Swing?

When you swing heavy, you can’t swing as many reps. There is a 1RM for every person, and for every person, this 1RM is a different weight category. The more you move away from your 1RM, the more swings you can do. The closer you are to your 1RM the better it is for strength goals. Going lower is better for power goals. And going past half of your 1RM is great for cardio and muscular endurance.

Are Kettlebell Swings Effective?

Absolutely, kettlebell swings are very effective when done and programmed correctly. However, there is much more to the kettlebell than just swinging kettlebells, a whole lot more. There are awesome kettlebell combos (check the videos at the bottom), complexes, juggling, and there’s Hardstyle, Sportstyle, Freestyle, CAVEMANROM, and so much more. Check out the complete list of all kettlebell exercises here to get some kind of idea of what’s possible.

Kettlebell Swing Resources

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