Kettlebell HIIT Workout With Hardstyle Swing And Snatch




This is a kettlebell Hardstyle high-intensity interval workout. 1 minute of high-intensity (great effort) with the Hardstyle swing and snatch. You go all out with your effort for the minute and then you perform a low-intensity exercise to recover for your next set. Followed by 45 seconds of the grinding windmill (low-intensity) and then 15 seconds to get ready for the next round of high-intensity. Repeat this pattern 8 times. A short 16-minute kettlebell interval workout that will have you flustered and happy for the rest of the day!

Just three awesome kettlebell exercises:

  1. Single-arm Hardstyle swing
  2. Full Hardstyle snatch
  3. High windmill


On this page you’ll find:



30 seconds of bodyweight hip hinge

30 seconds of bodyweight windmill

30 seconds of bodyweight squat

4 rounds



1 kettlebell of medium weight



30 seconds of single-arm Hardstyle swing

Switch sides

30 seconds of Hardstyle full snatch



Switch sides

45 seconds of the windmill

15 seconds rest


8 rounds
Switch sides on each round

Unlock the full-length follow-along video for this workout below. Have you completed this workout? Post here and let us know what you think.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This form of training expects you to go all out with your effort during the high-intensity interval and then back off with effort during the low-intensity interval. The benefits of HIIT are that you will lose weight, build muscle, and boost your metabolism. Your body will burn calories for about 2 hours after you finish your workout. The high-intensity intervals can be anywhere between 20 seconds to 3 minutes. The number of times you repeat this will depend on the exercise, the load, the athlete, etc.


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Follow-Along Workout Video

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Full Workout Session



Not Sure When To Switch Sides?

If you’re still not sure when to switch arms, and whether to switch upon each round, etc. then unlock the info below which explains it in detail.



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There is a video at the top of this page which is the introduction for this H.I.I.T workout with testimonials, a follow-along workout video for this H.I.I.T workout that can easily unlock with a simple social share, and a video with a testimonial for our kettlebell workouts books.

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