Kettlebell Beginner Start Here

There is a clear path for kettlebell beginners to truly learn how to handle a kettlebell, train with a kettlebell, and work out with a kettlebell.

We’ve laid that path for you. It’s for kettlebell beginners to intermediate kettlebell enthusiasts, whether training at home, at the box, in the gym, or outdoors:

  1. Enroll in our free online kettlebell grips course
  2. Free kettlebell for beginners material or fast track and complete one of the kettlebell training fundamental courses that suits you
  3. Complete the kettlebell clean course
  4. Complete the kettlebell snatch course
  5. Download the workout timer for Android
  6. Buy a kettlebell starter video
  7. Buy kettlebell beginner books on Amazon
  8. Which kettlebells should I start with?
  9. Buy the kettlebell workouts and challenges 1 book
  10. Buy the kettlebell workouts and challenges 2 book
  11. Buy the kettlebell workouts and challenges 3 book
  12. Buy the kettlebell exercise encyclopedia book
  13. Sign up for our weekly kettlebell workout
  14. Enroll in more advanced courses
  15. Purchase one month of online coaching

If you have any questions about any of our products please feel free to contact us.

Find out how to create your gym at home and work out with the kettlebell, all the info you need including a kettlebell starter package, or buy kettlebell workouts.

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