CAVEMANROM L3.0 Trainer Online Certification


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Learn how to perform 10 of the CAVEMANROM suite of exercises, understand how to perform them, when, why, and much more. Obtain a certificate and use them for yourself or your clients.


“The most valuable portion of the program is the assessment and feedback. The quality of your assessment and feedback is beyond anything I have received in my 8 years of CrossFit training.” Debra Onsager


CAVEMANROM is for athletes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA fighters, Crossfitters, Kettlebell enthusiasts, and everyday people. It is for everyone that wants to move better, function better, and feel better.

The natural progression in CAVEMANROM is mastering the bodyweight movement first, then add a light load to force more stability and increase ROM under load. The load is light and appropriate. Nothing in CAVEMANROM is about speed, reps, weight, or setting a time. Everything in CAVEMANROM is about improving, injury-proofing, increasing range of motion, increasing all aspects of mobility.


Kings Combo

Part of the CAVEMANROM suite of exercises.


Some of the exercises, but not limited to, are:

  1. 90/90 kettlebell windmill
  2. Kings combo
  3. Kettlebell folding windmill
  4. Kettlebell bent press
  5. Kettlebell windmill
  6. Kettlebell shinbox getup
  7. Kettlebell Turkish getup (lunge style)
  8. Kettlebell Turkish getup (squat style)
  9. Kettlebell anyhow windmill
  10. Kettlebell deep squat and curl
  11. Kettlebell halo
  12. Kettlebell kneeling windmill
  13. Kettlebell kneeling bent press
  14. Double kettlebell getup
  15. Overhead reverse lunge
  16. Kettlebell spiral press
  17. Kettlebell pull-over into scap opener
  18. Kettlebell halo reverse lunge and twist
  19. Kettlebell squat dead curl

And many more.



CAVEMANROM has nothing to do with Yoga. Yoga is great, Yoga is about breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation. We firmly believe in all these things being important but our philosophy is slightly different and the approach is too. Movements tend to be more dynamic in CAVEMANROM, and of course, we aim to perform movements and poses under load. That load is usually a kettlebell but certainly not limited to.


Are you new to kettlebell training and not sure how to start with kettlebell training?


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