Kettlebells For Mobility

Mobility is not an “I achieved it.” but an “I will keep working on and maintaining it.”. Taco Fleur Are you tired of being achy? Are you tired of always being injured? Are you tired of not being able to move like you’d like to? Are you ready to do things differently and move freely?

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Kettlebell Back Pain

How To Not Hurt Your Back With The Kettlebell Drop From Racking or Overhead

Proper kettlebell training creates a strong back and prevents or even fixes back pain, but incorrect kettlebell training may result in the opposite. Injury or pain is never the fault of the kettlebell or the exercises, it’s a lack of understanding, lack of technique, lack of strength, or incorrect programming. Make sure that you invest in the kettlebell and it will invest in you.

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Are Kettlebells Just For Cardio?

Why is it that kettlebell training is always automatically associated with cardiovascular endurance? Is it true that kettlebells are only good for cardio training? The answer is no, kettlebells are not just for cardio and some of the main reasons many people associate them only with cardio are that: Are Swings Only Good For Cardio? It’s

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Kettlebell Combo For Cardio

This is ENZO, a new kettlebell combo by Cavemantraining. This combo was used in one of our weekly workouts. Our workouts target different goals, cardio, strength, endurance, mobility, power, and so on. Some workouts have one task and others have up to 5 tasks. We include a lot of mobility work in our active recovery

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