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Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo

This is by far the worlds best kettlebell combo you'll come across, it consists of two highly effective exercises, namely the squat thruster and the king of kettlebell exercises...
Caveman 500 clean and press challenge

The Caveman 500 Clean & Strict Press Challenge

Five hundred alternating swing clean and strict presses FOR TIME. Try and complete as many without putting the kettlebell down but with good form and technique.
24 unconventional kettlebell exercises

24 Unconventional Kettlebell Exercises You Didn’t Know

24 unconventional kettlebell exercises you didn't know —until now!   kn Twenty four super unconventional kettlebell exercises you probably didn't know of, and more than likely should be introducing to your training...

13 Best Functional Exercises of All Time

Sure, there are more than 13 great exercises, and they'll depend on what your exact goals are, but we're covering one group of exercises that works every part of...

Why the Open Palm Clean and Snatch Is So Great

At the start of this year we posted 24 Unconventional Exercises You Didn't Know, it featured some great stuff, but two of the exercises that stood out were the...

Five Most Common Kettlebell Mistakes in CrossFit

Fix these five common kettlebell mistakes, increase your efficiency, prevent pain, and finish your WODs faster! Snatch Incorrect hand insert, broken wrist, and/or banging. During the top phase of the snatch the...

Kettlebell Clean Instructions for Crossfitters

The video above demonstrates the kettlebell swing clean (hip hinge) in slow-mo and different angles. Below are step by step photos. Please share and like. High res photos available,...

Kettlebell Clean and Jerk

Above is a video of Taco Fleur performing the double kettlebell clean and jerk. There is front view, side view, slow-mo and zoom in. Enjoy.

NOTDONEYET2.0 Kettlebell WOD for Those Who Like Punishment

Here's the workout for Sunday 8th of October 2017, it's an amazing combination of exercises, 2 AMRAP and one TASK FOR TIME.   20 MIN AMRAP 10 Clean and Strict Press ...
Kettlebell back hyperextensions

Kettlebell Back Hyperextensions—Yes! Possible. Yes! Good

Ask most people "Can you do back extensions with the kettlebell?" and they'll more than likely tell you "No". Lucky for you, I don't take "no" for an answer...

The Steel Mace Shoulder Mobility Myth

One of the most common misstatements I hear is: “Steel Mace 360’s and 10 to 2’s improve shoulder mobility.”     I would argue that it improves Flexibility which is passive, and only...
How To Convert The CrossFit BB Snatch to Kettlebell Snatch

How to Convert the CrossFit BB Snatch to Kettlebell Snatch

Believe it or not, there are many different ways to snatch with a kettlebell. The most common one is swing style, but let's see what's more suitable for a...

Kettlebells Are Too Heavy for CrossFitters

Maybe you're experiencing problems due to constant wrist hyperextension from working with the barbell, racking, pressing etc. Working with kettlebells properly can avoid some of these issues, good hand...
What are pine pollen?

What Are Pine Pollen?

Pine Pollen - The Best Superfood You're Not Eating If you're taking crappy bodybuilding supplements like pre-works, cheap protein powders, or fat burners, you should take the time to read...

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