Are Kettlebells Dangerous?

The Dangers Of Kettlebell Training

Some surgeons or doctors will tell you about the dangers of kettlebell training and how they’re the cause of herniated discs. They’ll tell you how some patients they treated experienced tendonitis around the elbow area from kettlebells while others experienced less serious issues like forearm bruising, lower back pain, hands ripping, shoulder impingement, and so …

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Free kettlebell workouts

6 Months of FREE Kettlebell Workouts

Would you like free kettlebell workouts for 6 months (half a year!)? I will be sending 2 kettlebell workouts each week on Wednesdays and Fridays. I will also publish valuable kettlebell information, all for free. I will be digging into our 180+ effective and original kettlebell workout library to bring you the world’s best kettlebell …

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Kettlebell Clean Technique

Kettlebell Clean Technique

The following kettlebell clean technique video explains a technique tip to avoid banging on the forearm, friction, and other annoyances that can occur during the kettlebell clean. The main thing to take away from the tip is that there should be no curling in a kettlebell clean. A kettlebell clean should be powered by the …

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Kettlebell Beginner

How to Start With Kettlebell Training and Workouts as a Complete Beginner?

If you’ve never held or worked with a kettlebell before and are a complete beginner to kettlebell training and workouts, then you must be wondering “how to start with kettlebell training?; What is the best way to get started with kettlebells?”. Luckily, all the answers you’re looking for to get started with kettlebell workouts are …

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How not to squat with a kettlebell

How NOT to Rack a Kettlebell

In this article, I will cover how NOT to rack or hold a kettlebell, and more importantly, I will explain why not. At the end of the article, I link to a free resource that you can download which will show you exactly how to rack. TL;DR For those that don’t want to read the …

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What is Injury-Proofing?

Injury-proofing is the activity of working on yourself to prevent injuries or minimize the risk of injuries. Those activities involve, but are not limited to: Strength Flexibility Stability Proprioception Muscular endurance And so on The kettlebell is an extremely versatile tool that, luckily, is not just suited for cardio but is equally as suited for …

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