20 Kettlebell Common Mistakes

20 Kettlebell Common Mistakes To Avoid

On this page, you’ll find over 10 videos, 2 kettlebell infographics, and more than 20 common kettlebell errors to avoid. Well-renowned International Kettlebell Coach Taco Fleur covers more than 20 kettlebell common mistakes to avoid no what level of kettlebell training you’re at. As a kettlebell coach with over 2 decades of kettlebell experience, Taco …

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Kettlebells: Everything starts with the feet!

Everything starts with the feet in kettlebell training when you’re performing standing exercises. Small issues at the bottom can turn into bigger issues and also travel up. The best advice I can give you is…

7 Seated Kettlebell Exercises

7 Upper-Body Seated Kettlebell Exercises Without Legs

Kettlebell exercises that work the upper body without involving the legs. It can be that your leg is in a cast, or you have broken your leg, foot, or toe. It can be that you have a groin injury. Whatever it is that prevents you from standing up and putting weight on the legs, hip, knee, or ankle joints, these exercises will allow you to keep working out.

13 Exercises for Herniated Discs

Exercises for Herniated Discs in the Lumbar Area

13 exercises, poses, and stretches for herniated discs in the lumbar area. These exercises are specifically targeting the areas that can alleviate pain, and help prevent herniated discs in the future.

Kettlebell Muscle Toning

Kettlebell Exercises for Muscle Toning

So, how to tone up with kettlebells, and are kettlebells good for toning? First, let’s be clear that it’s not weight you want to lose but fat. For muscle toning, you need to put on muscle. For females, this might sound daunting but it’s the way it is and there is no way around that if a toned body is desired. There is no need to worry about looking like a bodybuilder or gaining muscles that make you look like a man, it’s not going to happen.

2 arm swing versus 1 arm

1 Arm versus 2 Arm Kettlebell Swing

There is a huge difference between a 1 handed and 2 handed kettlebell swing and your transition from double to single-arm needs to happen with care. There are a few things to take into account and look out for.

13 Functional Exercises

13 Best Functional Exercises of All Time

13 of the best functional exercises of all time. We’re covering one group of exercises that work every part of your body, covering each category from Pull, Push, Lift to Press exercises, and includes attributes for cardio, strength, flexibility plus explosiveness.

Kettlebell Clean Technique

Kettlebell Clean Technique

The following kettlebell clean technique video explains a technique tip to avoid banging on the forearm, friction, and other annoyances that can occur during the kettlebell clean. The main thing to take away from the tip is that there should be no curling in a kettlebell clean. A kettlebell clean should be powered by the …

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Kettlebell Beginner

How to Start With Kettlebell Training and Workouts as a Complete Beginner?

If you’ve never held or worked with a kettlebell before and are a complete beginner to kettlebell training and workouts, then you must be wondering “how to start with kettlebell training?; What is the best way to get started with kettlebells?”. Luckily, all the answers you’re looking for to get started with kettlebell workouts are …

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