READ BEFORE doing our workouts!

We put out countless workouts to the world, they can be done by anyone, BUT, you need to have the knowledge and common sense to:


  1. Perform the exercises safely
  2. Adjust the reps accordingly
  3. Chose the right weight
  4. Rest accordingly
  5. Warm-up properly
  6. Regress when required
  7. Put safety first


Most workouts will have some information included in the videos, but there is so much more to learn to be able to execute a movement flawlessly, safely, efficiently, and with grace. You need to build strength you need to work on your mobility, you need to invest time. All that information is available on our website for free if you search for it, or you can purchase all the info in one of our kettlebell training books and have it all in one handy spot.


We love it when you tag us in a video, it’s always great to see someone complete one of our workouts, just be mindful that if you want feedback, we’ll never give it without you asking for it. So, if you want feedback on your form, feel free to ask, we’ll always find the time. Make sure you are prepared for constructive feedback that might not be what you want to hear though, just know that this is the feedback which will take your training to the next level, so be open to it.


The Cavemantraining workout philosophy is form and technique first, weight and reps second, this means that we do believe in high-intensity training, but not at the cost of form and technique. If our video shows 2 x 16kg/35lbs and high reps with an advanced exercise, this does not mean you should replicate it exactly, unless you can do so without sacrificing form and technique, i.e. keeping yourself safe and progress, not regress.


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