Kronos Workout Shoulders Core And Legs

This is KRONOS. Kronos works the shoulders, thoracic, and legs. One kettlebell required.



  • Bent-over dead row
  • Bent-over dead row and rotate
  • Deadlift (hip hinge)

Perform the sequence 5 times on one side. Performed on both sides equals one round. Complete 8 rounds in total.



  • Clean
  • Spiral press

Perform the kettlebell combo 5 times on one side. Performed on both sides equals one round. Complete 6 rounds in total.



  • Cossack squat

Performed five times on one side. Performed on both sides equals one round. Complete 4 rounds in total.


You can rest when you need to, this is not an AMRAP, consider it training. The weight should be medium, 16 to 20kg.

Attention: The main area in which you could experience issues is the lower back. Use your hip extensors to raise the weight, and use them to stay in the static bent-over position. The workout is 5 times the sequence of bent-over rows and deadlift, but you should rest in between those if you feel your glutes are getting fatigued.



Exercise 1: Bent-over dead row
The kettlebell should be placed under the shoulder once you’re in hip flexion (bending over), you do not want to reach out for it. You also return the weight where it started. Brace the core before rowing. Row into the hips, if you’re uncomfortable rowing between the legs, try the feet close together and row on the outside. Focus on the rear delt, i.e. you do not want to feel it in your elbow flexors.


Exercise 2: Bent-over dead row and rotate
This exercise is practically the same as the first, apart from it having thoracic rotation. Thoracic rotation is excellent to include in your training, but start with small steps and build up. More than likely you’ve not trained in this area before, so pay attention.


Exercise 3: Deadlift hip hinge
The weight starts dead under the shoulders and is then lifted through a deadlift hip hinge style, meaning, the knees don’t come forward. You can also deadlift squat style, but our focus for this exercise is the gluteus maximus.


Exercise 4: Clean and spiral press
With this press, you start rotation at the thoracic and pressing at the same time. The path of the kettlebell follows a spiral pattern. Unlike other presses, you can look at the weight when it’s in the top position, you actually want to follow it as you press to get more rotation at the spine happening. Usually, we slightly rotate the opposite side in racking as well, today we’ll transition in the clean. The great thing about this press is obviously the rotation that you get, but also the different angle the delts are worked in. I’m not going to cover the clean, as this 60+ minute video will do that for you.


Exercise 5: Cossack squat
This exercise is not a beginners move and you need to already have some good flexibility and strength to attempt this. It’s almost like pistol squat, but with the other leg resting on the ground. You’re doing the work with the one leg, the other is just for balance and getting a good hamstring stretch. Like with the squat, you want to stay as upright as possible, as a matter of fact, everything for the squat applies on the one side.


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