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Are kettlebells dangerous?

Doctor / Physio: “Don’t work with kettlebells!”

Below is an actual conversation I had with someone. “Thanks Taco I have just purchased your books. Looking forward to giving them...
Kettlebell Sport

How to enter kettlebell sport?

Quick intro to getting started with kettlebell sport. How to work your way up to Kettlebell Sport? What to do...

The Kettlebell Dead Clean Tutorial

The dead clean tutorial to end all tutorials. If you've watched the intro video to the kettlebell dead clean and are here...

FIVE UNBROKEN—an endurance workout

Five Unbroken requires one kettlebell, nice and heavy, but just right so you can complete the full five minutes of all...

Ultimate Kettlebell Combo

This is the Ultimate Kettlebell Combo, not to be confused with WBKC—world's best kettlebell combo... AKA Ultimate Kettlebell Complex The UKC is...


Todays workout goes from swinging to snatching, from squatting to pressing. Increasing duration with scheduled rest, ending with a task for...
How to prevent kettlebell bobbing

Prevent Kettlebell Bobbing

Bobbing: make a quick, short movement up and down. —creates friction within the palms! causes blisters...   One of the important things we teach in...

WOD CT10.4—With Heavy Deadlifts

This workout consists of three tasks, first one is strength, heavy deadlifts, swings, and presses. Second task is medium weight working...


Let me tell you something, you're not tough unless you completed a long cycle. A kettlebell long cycle is only 10...

WOD Featuring The Overhead Deadlift: Controversial

To tell you the truth, I expected no less. I posted, and it stirred the pot. A while ago I started...

Why do competition kettlebells feel heavier?

If you have access to competition kettlebells and classic kettlebells (cast iron) you might have noticed that a 32kg competition kettlebell...

The HULK Test—Can you smash it?

The HULK Test is an incredibly well designed workout, used to help release your inner beast!   The test is as following: 1...

CLC—a hardcore workout

This is CLC, Cycle Long Cycle. If you're new to the kettlebell world, Long Cycle (LC) is clean and jerk. In...

SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE—a kettlebell workout

This workout is simple but effective, simple as in it only involves the hang clean, press, lunge, and jumping jack. Effective...
Heavy kettlebell WOD

Heavy Kettlebell Workout

DUO BRUTUS—a brute of a heavy workout A brute of a workout that leaves you laying on the ground wondering "what just...
Thorax workoutvideo

Thorax Workout—Injury Proof Yourself

This workout is unlike others posted, it's a workout everyone needs to incorporate at least once a week. I'm talking MMA...

Kettlebell Swing Squat Style Explained

The kettlebell swing squat style, misunderstood by many, wrongfully shunned by plenty. Let me tell you straight up, those that say that...
How Many Calories Do You Burn with Kettlebell Swings?

How Many Calories Do You Burn with Kettlebell Swings?

I've written this article for Personal Trainers London, and you can find it here, or read the updated version below.   How many...
Hardcore Endurance WODvideo

Holiday or Not: Hardcore Endurance WOD Three Point Five

It's the holiday season! Do of course you still workout?! Or will you take the excuse to do nothing? I've put this...
GS Kettlebell Snatch

GS Kettlebell Snatch

How to go heavier, and get more reps out with the 10 minute kettlebell sport snatch where only 1 hand change...

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