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THE BIG FOUR: Kettlebell Strength Workout

If you're looking for a workout where your muscles feel like they're gonna pop at the end, this is it! Four simple...

Why Crossfitters Hate Kettlebells

You might or might not know, I'm a CrossFit and kettlebell trainer. I use both the barbell and kettlebell. But at the...
Kettlebells for shoulder rehab

Strong, Safe, Mobile Shoulders With Kettlebells

“Shoulders have been torn out from boxing as a amateur. What is the best way l can get my arms, shoulders...
What Happens During a Kettlebell Swing?

What Happens During a Kettlebell Swing?

Ever wondered what exactly happens during a kettlebell swing? What muscles do what, and why? Following is the analyses of a double...

Kettlebell Workout HPMAXJERK1.0

If you're looking for a well designed kettlebell workout with an objective, provides some fun, and leaves you feeling awesome all...

Kettlebells! Where Do YOU Belong?

So, you're into kettlebells, you like training with them, you've been on your own for a while, but now you're looking...

WOD Arnie Version II

Today's WOD is a modified version of the CrossFit Arnie Hero WOD, the original: 21 Turkish Get-Ups, Right Arm 50 American...

Kettlebell Grips

When you're used to training with the barbell, the grip is pretty plain, at most it is a variation of 2...

Kettlebell WOD: 30 Min. Alt. Half Snatch Marathon

Todays kettlebell WOD is simple but tough. Simple as in it's one exercise with a switch swing, tough as in, you're...


This kettlebell WOD has three tasks, two six minute AMRAP and one 12 round task for time. The first AMRAP is...

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