Bent-over dead row versus hang row

Both row variations demonstrated in the video above are with a static hip hinge (bent-over), but they can just as well be performed with squat, or with a semi runners lunge.

The dead row is great for heavier lower reps due to the weight returning dead to the ground each time and releasing tension. The hang row is great for keeping tension and faster reps with lighter weight.

Both kettlebell row variations with the static hip hinge are also a great glute and back exercise due to the isometric hold required (erector spinae and glutes). You can remove the work needed to be done by the back through changing the stance, the least amount of work required by the back will be when using one weight and one hand/elbow/arm on the knee.

Kettlebell rows are great to work the rear deltoids when you keep the elbows tucked in nicely and row into the hips taking out the biceps.

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