Kettlebell Turkish Getup (lunge style)

Here is a quick tutorial on how to perform the kettlebell Turkish get-up one of many awesome exercises you can do with the kettlebell.

  • Lay down on the ground
  • Safety roll
  • Rack the kb with right arm
  • Elbow tight against the body
  • Hand-tight against the chest
  • bring right foot flat on the ground (knee bend)
  • to initiate the TGU push the right foot into the ground and contract the abs while pulling yourself onto your left elbow
  • come fully onto the left arm and lock out the elbow
  • lock the left knee out, keep the leg straight
  • pull the lats down to keep the shoulders safely in its sockets
  • Now put your weight onto the left arm and right leg by pressing into the ground
  • Keep an active core and push the hips up into the air as high as you can—but don’t hyperextend
  • Move the kettlebell to the shoulder, let it rest in the shoulder, it’s no longer resting on the chest
  • While bending the left knee pull it directly under the hip and shift some of your weight on it
  • Now come upright and put all weight on the left knee and right leg while moving the Kettlebell back into racking position
  • now fully Getup by using the strength of the right (front leg) only, push the foot into the ground, activate the quads
  • stand up straight, pause for a split second
  • lunge backward with the left leg while keeping all the weight onto the right leg
  • come gently onto the left knee, shift some of your weight on it
  • you’ll be tempted to sit back, don’t, this will cause a lot of stress on the knee
  • instead, bend sideways at the hip and place your hand in line with your hip (not next to it, leave space)
  • move the kb back to the shoulder and let it rest there
  • activate the lats
  • now kick the left leg out or slide it out
  • lower the buttock onto the ground
  • bend the left elbow
  • lower the torso fully to the ground

There are many progressions to this move and many variations, join us in the online weekly kettlebell workouts and you will receive personalized kettlebell coaching for many exercises.

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