Criticism on My Exercise Form & Technique Hurts

When we're being told that we can do something better, more efficient or safer, our initial reaction is usually that of...

How to Deadlift Properly in Five Steps

When people talk about the “big three” gym lifts, they’re talking about the bench press, the barbell squat, and, the barbell...

Shoulders—Don’t Wait till You Have a Problem

As a physiotherapist I get to see a ton of patients that come in with shoulder problems. The number one profile...
4 muscle building kettlebell exercises

4 Muscle Building Kettlebell Exercises

I won't leave you in suspense, the four awesome kettlebell muscle mass building exercises I chose for this article are: Racked...

Kettlebell Swing—Squat Style

Last week I posed the question "What is wrong with this kettlebell swing?", this week I will show you what was wrong....
Include Pulling in Your Training

Are You Including Pulling in Your Training?

When you talk about basic exercise movements, most people will think squat, deadlift, push-up, press, and pulling usually takes the back...

More Biceps and Triceps with S&C Coach Kirsten

Squat Cable Curls This is an alternative to the KB Squat Curl. If you don't have access to kettlebells but have a...
Listen to your coach

Some People Chose Not to Listen to Coaches/Trainers

Does eating candy rot your teeth today? Does smoking cigarettes give you cancer right away? Does crossing the highway always get...
Correcting the chin up

How to Spot and Correct a Common Chin-Up Deficiency

There is a common deficiency I see with some of my athletes during the chin-up. Even though I know they're strong, I know...
Are forward lunges dangerous?

Why You Should Not Be Forward Lunging—in Place

I'm dead serious, and if you take the time to read through this, I know that by the end of this article you will agree with me. If you're experiencing knee pain when lunging you will thank me at the end of this article.

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