Criticism on My Exercise Form & Technique Hurts

When we’re being told that we can do something better, more efficient or safer, our initial reaction is usually that of hurt feelings, followed by anger. It’s just human nature. I’ve been at fault and still am sometimes. I’ve trained myself to be more open and respond better. Doesn’t always work, but I try my best. I know this approach has allowed me to develop further, faster and better during my Brazilian jiu jitsu, CrossFit and kettlebell journey.

I used to really suck at kettlebells, I thought I was doing it right, but I had much to learn, I still do and always will. I remember this guy called Nathan who was right about what he said, but completely approached his point from a violent and negative stand point. We still laugh about the incident today “Remember that time when we f’ed up and Nathan went all psycho on us?”, yeah I remember, didn’t do much good at all, but had he approached the situation differently, who knows what could have happened?


Is it constructive feedback or with the intend to hurt? There are plenty of trolls out there, plenty of cowboys that think they know best, then there are those who mean well but are missing some vital information themselves, there are those who are closed minded and so on.


I love constructive criticism, I really do, I will always analyse the feedback, I will then take it or leave it, I will use it when I need to or never think about it again.


There are those who don’t know well, but still mean well.


If I comment on someones form it’s with the best intentions, it’s to assist progression, if I meant to hurt with the feedback, you’ll be able to clearly read this—I’m Dutch and won’t beat around the bush—, there would be no need for second guessing, but I tend to not do this, so you’re safe.


I’ve taken the time to put together an article paired with a video and downloadable PDF for kettlebell beginners and hopefully help plenty of people to lay the proper foundation to become a pro kettlebell enthusiast or kettlebell trainer.


The point of this article? The point is to hopefully open peoples mind a bit more, being more susceptible to constructive criticism, learning how to provide it, how to analyse it or maybe get something else out of it. Your feedback below or on this Facebook post here.


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