The Problem with Modern Training Methods…

The Problem with Modern Training Methods…
…and a Solution!



50,000 years ago early man was establishing himself as the dominant species here on earth. Our ancestors were strong specimens with chiseled, lean bodies. Their bodies were tough and durable. They could track down their prey over long distances with the ability to dart in for the kill when they were within range without tiring. An average day consisted of carrying heavy objects to build shelters, hunting, or possibly fighting off predators. Their rugged everyday life was their training. They were the epitome of fitness.

In modern days we get our physical fitness at the average cookie-cutter gym. There is a problem though. We are disgustingly obese and less fit than at anytime else in human history. The obvious causes are lack of proper nutrition, overeating, and a generally sedentary lifestyle. But what if there is another cause? What if the training methods are also to blame?


The problem with ‘everyday’ gyms

Quite frankly, these giant chain gyms aren’t geared towards maximizing fitness that carries over to your everyday life. We obviously have no need for chasing mammoths or carrying wood to make fires, but we do have a need to;

  • Carry groceries
  • Walk up flights of stairs with items
  • Pick up children
  • Perform yard work
  • Cut down a tree
  • Change a tire

And the list goes on and on…….

Now, think to yourself, what training programs in your gym help accomplish any of those? Most of the popular exercises and training methods we see today cause sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which entails muscular size without the benefits of strength or endurance, Instead of building the functional body we truly need, we are becoming bulky, slow, and weak. With added size comes added stress on the joints, ligaments, heart, and lungs. This isn’t very practical.


Improper Exercise Choices

What about Olympic lifts? True, they are multi-joint movements that can build a lot of strength and power without the added hypertrophy, BUT they are incredibly technical and take YEARS to learn properly. This will require you to seek the supervision of a trained coach in order to avoid possibly injuring yourself and a lot of time and effort on your part. Many of the latest training regimens use the Olympic lifts as staples for their programming, calling it “functional”. What is so functional about lifting a skinny bar that is perfectly symmetrical? Barbells are designed specifically to make it easier for you to lift by distributing the weight evenly and by having a width that is effortless to grip. When was the last time you lifted groceries, a tree branch, or a child that was perfectly symmetrical with evenly distributed weight?


The Solution? Cavemantraining

Train how your physically superior ancestors lived. This type of programming is becoming increasingly popular because it is actually relevant to your everyday life.

Lifting heavy things, moving far, and moving fast, will prepare you to cope with the demands of our unpredictable lives. The movements and drills are designed to replicate real-life scenarios that you may encounter.
Within the last decade, Cavemantraining has become increasingly popular among athletes, MMA fighters, the military, and everyday hard-working people. Why is it so popular? Because IT WORKS.
Cavemantraining uses compound movements that force you to strengthen the entire body in order to complete. The body does not work just as a group of individual muscles working by themselves, but as a single unit with all the muscles working in conjunction. This not only increases strength but improves neuromuscular pathways, which are the communication channels between the brain and muscles. When this is firing correctly, the body becomes more coordinated and efficient.

Another prevalent characteristic that makes up Cavemantraining, is that it frequently uses high-intensity conditioning or (HIC). HIC can push your body to the limits of what you ever thought was possible for your body to do. Along with crushing mental milestones, it forces your body to shed useless fat like never before, improve VO2 Max (cardio) so that you can run further and harder than ever before, and increase your body’s lactate threshold so that you can increase the volume of exercise without your muscles burning out. Sounds pretty awesome right?

The equipment used also sets this type of training apart from everything else on the market. Caveman training involves using very basic equipment that may or may not be designed to be lifted. Tires, sandbags, and large rocks are all staples of modern Cavemantraining. All of these items are difficult to lift because there are no handles and the weight may be distributed unevenly when moved. This forces you to rise up, adapt to the challenge, and overcome adversity in order to become the perfect fit specimen, just like our ancestors.


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