Cavemantraining Master Trainer

Become a Cavemantraining™ Kettlebell Master Trainer

Before applying as a master trainer make sure you meet the following requirements:


What does a master trainer do?

  • Run Cavemantraining workshops, seminars, and certifications in places there currently is no master trainer
  • Help create new educational material
  • Potentially co-author new books
  • Help create instructional videos for courses and social media


The benefits of being a master trainer

  • Being associated with a well-respected known branding for kettlebell and other unconventional training
  • Income through percentages of running workshops, seminars, and certifications
  • Networking
  • Exposure
  • Education
  • Social media network
  • Ability to organize online camps under the Cavemantraining name with support, material, and knowledge provided
  • Receive discount vouchers to provide to your members or other occasions where it will benefit the greater good (books, camps, certifications, etc.)
  • More…


Cavemantraining Country Master Trainer

An approved master trainer can apply to become a country master trainer which puts the trainer above all other master trainers in the Cavemantraining hierarchy and become the contact point for all other master trainers and events for that country.


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