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Working Out With Kettlebells—Kettle Bell Workout

Kettle Bell Workout

Kettlebell workouts are great for many goals like cardio, strength, power, and so much more. A kettlebell workout can be performed with one or two kettlebells and there are literally hundreds of kettlebell exercises. Our website lists plenty of workouts that you can find with the search functionality, or you can jump straight to 5 good kettlebell workouts.

Kettle Bell Workout

I’ve posted a quick kettle bell workout FAQ below to answer questions like whether you can get ripped with kettlebells, workout with kettlebells every day, and so on. Don’t forget to check that out.

Working Out With Kettlebells

Working out with kettlebells can take anywhere from 4 minutes to as much as 120 minutes or even more.

Cardio workouts can be short or long. High-intensity interval training is a form of cardio but the heart rate goes up much higher which will require bouts of rest, hence it’s named interval. For shorter durations to be effective the intensity needs to be high. For longer durations to be maintained the intensity needs to be low to medium, i.e. a pace that can be maintained for a long period, and the weight also comes into play here. To be able to go for a long time you need to work with a weight that your body can handle. The exercises you perform also play a big role. How to Program for Kettlebell Training dives deeper into these topics.

Strength workouts are usually longer than the shortest cardio workout but even a well programmed strength workout could take just 4 minutes if the weight is right and the exercises are limited to 1 or just 2.

What is considered a cardio workout?

Cardio is defined as any type of exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for a prolonged period of time. Your respiratory system will start working harder as you begin to breathe faster and more deeply. Reference.

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