5 Good Kettlebell Workouts

5 Good Kettlebell Workouts

If you’re looking for good kettlebell workouts then you’ve come to the right location. Cavemantraining designs the world’s best kettlebell workouts. Below are 5 well-known kettlebell workouts. If you can complete these as programmed, consider yourself a true Caveman/woman! Let’s get straight into it.

5 Good Kettlebell Workouts: CALYPSO

Workout 1: CALYPSO

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This is an intense cardio workout to be completed with one kettlebell.

Task 1

Kettlebell combo:

  1. Swing
  2. Snatch half
  3. Squat

Switch sides for each set.

Complete 48 reps of the combo.
Complete max CrossFit burpees within the time left.

10 minutes work

Task 2

5 minutes for rest, stretching, and active recovery.

Task 3

Repeat task 1.


The full set of combos needs to be completed in task 3 for the burpees from task 1 to count. This means, for example, if in task 1 you complete the set of 48 reps within 8 minutes and 10 seconds, you have 1 minute and 50 seconds left to do as many burpees as possible and complete 30 burpees, they only count if you complete the 48 reps when task 1 is repeated. If you fail to make the 48 reps within the timeframe then the burpees from task 1 also don’t count. The switch does not count as one swing.


Your scoring is the total number of burpees from tasks 1 and 3. For example, if you complete 30 burpees in task 1 and 20 in task 3, then your total scoring is 50.

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Workout 2: THE BIG FOUR

This is a kettlebell strength workout preferably completed with two kettlebells but can also be completed with just one kettlebell. Go heavy, about 70 to 80% of your 1RM.

The kettlebell exercises are:

  1. double kettlebell strict press
  2. double kettlebell front squat
  3. double kettlebell bent over dead row
  4. chest push-up or double kettlebell chest press

The Workout

Every 8 seconds you perform one slow rep, a total of 6 reps per set.

Beep one rep, rep 1, 8 seconds
Beep one rep, rep 2, 16 seconds
Beep one rep, rep 3, 24 seconds
Beep one rep, rep 4, 32 seconds
Beep one rep, rep 5, 40 seconds
Beep one rep, rep 6, 48 seconds
Rest till the minute is up

Move on to the next exercise

Perform all four kettlebell strength exercises and take one minute of rest.

Complete 6 rounds

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This is a super benchmark workout to be completed with one medium-weight kettlebell.

  • 30 seconds single-arm swings on one side
  • 30 seconds single-arm swings on the other side
  • 30 seconds full snatch on one side
  • 30 seconds full snatch on the other side
  • 30 seconds overhead reverse lunge on one side
  • 30 seconds overhead reverse lunge on the other side

Repeat 6 rounds
Makes a total of 18 minutes
Finish with 2 minutes of push-ups

Try and complete it unbroken.

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This high-intensity workout targetting different goals requires both one and two kettlebells.

Task 1

6 x Gorilla Cleans
6 x Sprawl Deadlift
1-minute of rest

Task 2

3 x Dead Snatch (L)
3 x Dead Snatch (R)
4 x Squat Thruster
2 minutes of stretching (active recovery)
1-minute of rest

4 to 6 rounds

5 minutes of rest

Task 3

10 minutes of full or half pendulum snatch with a light to medium weight, one switch and performed unbroken.

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Workout 5: SNEAKY ANNA

This workout is famous by now, if you’ve not heard of Sneaky Anna by now then you’ve been hiding under a rock or haven’t explored our online kettlebell community. This workout is to be completed with two kettlebells. Good luck!

Your First And Only Task

  • 4 half snatches
  • 4 burpees
  • 4 squat deadlifts


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