4-Day Kettlebell Split Workout

Free 4-Day Kettlebell Strength Split Program

This is Prometheus Phase II, a 4-day kettlebell split workout. Below are the intro videos that talk about the warm-up and workout for each of the 4 days. There is also a list of the exercises that are used for each day. The full program is a 12-week cycle.


What can you expect from this kettlebell split workout?

Expect increased:

  • strength
  • muscle mass
  • flexibility
  • mobility

At the end of the week, expect to feel good, feel like you worked your whole body, and feel all your muscles in a good, satisfying way. The full program is for those that want to get stronger. Those that want structure. With the full program, you just press play and follow along. The full program is for those that want to know the ins and outs of the technique, and so much more.

This program provides a structure for those looking to build strength and improve their kettlebell technique.


What is a Split Program?

A split program or split routine is a popular weight training format with intelligently designed workouts that each focus on a body part or certain muscle groups. It is designed so that you can work out for several consecutive days without taxing the same muscle (prime movers) groups again.


What are the Benefits of Split Training?

With a good split program, there is less chance of overtraining than with repeating full-body workouts. With this program your strength will improve, as well as your overall health, posture, and protection against injury.

The program consists of at least 4 strength workouts that are repeated for 12 weeks as a repeating cycle, with the objective of progressive strength. The 12 weeks are 3 at 70 to 80% of 1RM, 1 heavier, 3 at 70 to 80%, 2 heavier, 1 deload, 1 set new 1RM, and 1 rest. The workout cycle can be repeated as long as you’re making progress.

The full 4-day kettlebell strength program with the cycle, technique videos, follow-along videos, book, and more can be purchased here.


Day 1 of the 4-Day Split

Prometheus Phase II, a 4-day or 6-day split strength workout with optional cardio days. The program is a hybrid of strength and hypertrophy that cycles for 12 weeks. The objective of strength is to increase your 1RM. The objective of hypertrophy is to increase your muscle mass. The program trains each muscle group only once a week in the first split, and twice a week in the second split. The reps are a hybrid between strength and hypertrophy range and mixed up with 1RM.

All exercises for this day are listed further below under Split Workout Exercises.

Day 2 of the 4-Day Split

Prometheus Phase II is a hybrid program because it focuses on control, TUT (time under tension), isometrics, stability, and more. You can stick with the strength and hypertrophy focus or decide to add cardio days for leaner muscle mass. Each strength session can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours due to the focus on control, TUT, isometrics, and active recovery or rest between sets or rounds. How much time you invest will depend on the weight you have access to and how much time you can or want to spend on a workout.

All exercises for this day are listed further below under Split Workout Exercises.

Day 3 of the 4-Day Split

Prometheus Phase II is a kettlebell split program that focuses on 8 reps and 2 to 4 rounds with adaptation, shock, and 1 rep max weeks. But, let me tell you a secret. If you lift heavy weight, no matter the reps and rounds, you will get strong and bigger. Even if you work on endurance with weights you will get stronger and bigger, depending on where you start and how you program, of course. However, this program does not focus on endurance, unless you decide to include the optional cardio days in your program, and its main focus is to increase strength and muscle mass.

All exercises for this day are listed further below under Split Workout Exercises.

Day 4 of the 4-Day Split

If you’re looking for structure, want to learn how to perform kettlebell exercises correctly, want to have the workouts set out for you, or want to have the options to be able to progress with easier exercises then this program is for you. But most of all, if you want to be able to see clear results, then you should start this program today.

All exercises for this day are listed further below under Split Workout Exercises.


Kettlebell Split Workout Exercises

This is a list of all the exercises that are included in the workouts.

Day 1: Shoulders and chest


  • Strict front press
  • Floor chest press
  • Overhead hold with step out
  • Swing high pull
  • Side press
  • Bottoms-up press
  • Jerk into slow eccentric down phase
  • Armbar


Day 2: Legs


  • Racked squat
  • Calf raise
  • Stiff-legged deadlift
  • Racked Curtsy lunge
  • Sumo deadlift
  • Racked in-place lunge


Day 3: Back and abs

Erector Spinae
Latissimus Dorsi

  • Bent-over narrow dead row
  • Crunch into sit-up
  • Bent-over hybrid to wide dead row
  • Side bend
  • Jefferson curl
  • Low Spiderman plank
  • Ribbons into twist


Day 4: Arms and upper back


  • Double-arm hammer curl
  • Skull crusher
  • Single-arm kneeling curl
  • Shrug
  • Triceps extension
  • Shrug and upright row

You can get more information on the exercises from our full list of all kettlebell exercises here or buy the full program here. The full program has alternatives and progressions so that anyone can start this program no matter what level they’re at.




What’s Included in the Full Split Program?

Everything you need for the program and workouts is contained in the book.

  • Exercise photos
  • Workouts
  • 4-day split
  • 6-day split (can also be used as a 3-day split)
  • 12-week cycle
  • Optional cardio days
  • Free downloadable and printable program schedules


If you purchase this as a package from the Cavemantraining website then it will include over 10 hours worth of video content that you can watch. You can just press play and work out along to the workout videos. If you’re interested in seeing the technique for the exercises, just watch the technique videos. If you want to make sure to avoid common mistakes or learn about alternatives and progressions, just watch the videos.

The video content includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Warm-up technique
  3. Workout technique
  4. Common mistakes
  5. Alternatives and progressions
  6. Following along warm-up
  7. Prep work
  8. Follow-along workout
  9. Follow-along cooldown
  10. and optional cardio days

There are 4 strength days and 3 optional cardio workouts to choose from to include as a 5th, or even 5th and 6th day depending on your goals and condition.

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