Quicksilver Kettlebell Cardio Workout

First published in early 2019 and updated in late 2021. So simple but so grueling and awesome!   50 kettlebell hang cleans 50 kettlebell single-arm swings 50 kettlebell half snatches Repeat 3 times FOR TIME   This free follow-along kettlebell workout has the following videos: Introduction video (viewed in the header) Warm-up technique video (unlocked below) …

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Hybrid Training


Hybrid Training is nothing new. At Cavemantraining we’ve used it since inception. In our case, hybrid is a mix between the best of all worlds. Meaning, strength, endurance, power, mobility, stability, and more from kettlebells, calisthenics, stretches, and poses. In our workouts, which we deliver to the world every week, we include a lot of stretching, …

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Fix Your Kettlebell Grip

Fix Your Kettlebell Grip

If you’ve heard about the 45-degree angle of the kettlebell handle in your palm but are not sure how to achieve that angle, this video gives you a quick introduction. Get the kettlebell to enter its ballistic flight Open up Let go Insert the hand into the window Move the hand into the corner/horn Press …

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Kettlebell snatch test

7 Kettlebell Tests and Challenges – Snatch Test

Kettlebell tests and challenges are designed to measure your performance and technique. There are all kinds of different ones out there, some will test your cardiovascular endurance,  muscular endurance, mental toughness, strength, etc. and some are designed to prove your worth, your efficiency, and technique handling the kettlebell before getting your certificate.   Following are …

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24 unconventional kettlebell exercises

24 Unconventional Kettlebell Exercises You Didn’t Know

24 unconventional kettlebell exercises you didn’t know—until now! Twenty-four super unconventional kettlebell exercises you probably didn’t know of, and more than likely should be introducing to your training program and kettlebell workouts. Not only do we have plenty of unconventional favorites from Cavemantraining, but several awesome kettlebell pros have submitted their favorite unconventional kettlebell exercise, …

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Kettlebell Swing Variations

The Difference Between The Kettlebell Hardstyle, Hip Hinge, Pendulum, and Squat Swing

In this video and article, I will demonstrate the differences between several kettlebell swing variations and explain why neither of them is wrong. It’s very unfortunate that there is a select group of people that are very anal and closed-minded when it comes to the kettlebell swing.   They believe that if the kettlebell swing …

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Curtsy Deadlift

Kettlebell Curtsy Lunge Deadlift

In this video, I demonstrate the kettlebell Curtsy lunge deadlift. It’s a great kettlebell exercise to work on hip, ankle, and knee strength, but also flexibility. The exercise—like any kettlebell exercise—requires progression, if you skip that progression you will run the risk of injury. If the exercise injures you, it wasn’t the exercise but the …

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Kettlebell Deadlift

Kettlebell Deadlift Variations

In this video, I talk about the kettlebell deadlift and demonstrate some kettlebell deadlift variations that you can use in your kettlebell workouts. The first variation I demonstrate is the squat deadlift. If the word squat combined with a deadlift has got you puzzled, then I highly recommend you watch the whole video as it …

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