Kettlebell Chest Press For More Range

When you do chest presses with the kettlebell then they’re usually done on the floor (kettlebell floor chest press) which limits range. If you’re more advanced and want to work in a higher range then you need to get a bench or work with one kettlebell and use the following chest press variation that I use.

Beware, if you’re not ready to work in a higher range or even close to max range then you will run the risk of injuring your deltoid. You also need to position your neck to avoid strain. This variation of the chest press allows you to go full range with the single kettlebell chest press.

If you’re new to this variation, make sure to start with just a few reps and a lighter weight.

How to perform this chest press variation?

The setup and the shoulder roll are the same as for a Turkish Get-Up, and this is where you achieve a higher range, by lifting the working side off the ground. This will limit/lower the weight you can press as the core, hips, and leg will need to do a lot of work. This is not a bad thing if those are areas you also want to work. For hypertrophy, you should be good though. For strength, you should do the floor press, or get a bench.

Watch the video for a full breakdown.

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