Cavemantraining Country Representatives

Become a Cavemantraining™ Country Representative

Before applying as a country representative make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Have passed at least one of the Cavemantraining online certifications
  • Hold at least one certificate from another kettlebell/fitness institution
  • Not already have a country representative
  • Have passed the Caveman Ethics exam
  • Speak English conversational
  • Speak the native language of the representing country fluently


What does a representative do?

  • Promote health and fitness to all age groups but especially the young and older generation
  • Be actively participating online or locally to promote health and fitness
  • Proudly represent Cavemantraining and its branding
  • Deal with communication and logistics in regards to local Cavemantraining events like workshops, certifications, challenges, competitions, and other events
  • Vet local representatives
  • Report serious breach of the Caveman Ethics by local representatives


A country representative is up for re-election every two years. Each country can only have one country representative and one country master trainer.


The benefits of being a country representative

  • Being associated as the front of a well-respected known branding for kettlebell and other unconventional training
  • Additional income through percentages of events or other sales
  • Networking
  • Exposure
  • Education
  • Business help
  • Social media network
  • Ability to organize online camps under the Cavemantraining name with support, material, and knowledge provided
  • Receive discount vouchers to provide to your members or other occasions where it will benefit the greater good (books, camps, certifications, etc.)
  • More…


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