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“There was a lot of information and the focus on grips was excellent. I learned a lot more than I was expecting to, which was a really pleasant surprise. It also made me realize how much other courses I’ve done are lacking in content and correct information.
The feedback received for video submissions was also very quick”. —L. Hilliard

Online Kettlebell Courses for At-Home Users

Our online kettlebell courses are suited for those wanting to learn all the ins and outs of kettlebell training whether training at home, or in the gym. Each kettlebell course comes with digital study material in the form of books and videos, but the books can also be ordered as printed material (at an additional cost) from Amazon.


CAVEMANROM Introduction
CAVEMANROM Introduction

CAVEMANROM Introduction

For At-Home Users

Online Courses For At-Home Users

Online Kettlebell Certifications for Professionals

Although our online kettlebell certifications are just as valuable, or even more so, to any at-home user, our kettlebell certifications are mostly purchased by trainers that want to become certified kettlebell instructors. We also provide accredited kettlebell courses by NASM and AFAA.


Kettlebell Fundamentals Intro
Kettlebell Fundamentals Intro

Kettlebell Fundamentals Intro

For Professionals and Home Users

Online Certifications For Professionals

What is the Difference Between a Course and Certification?

The main difference between an online kettlebell course and online kettlebell certification is that with a course you get all the material you need to learn everything there is about the topic you enrolled for but there is no one to verify your form, technique, or knowledge. You will have to rely on self-assessment with a course.

With our certifications, you will get everything that comes with a course but also exams, assessments, and the time of the coach/assessor who will verify your submissions and provide feedback for improvement. With certification, you will become certified after passing. With a course, you will receive a certificate of participation. With our accredited kettlebell course, you will receive CEUs from NASM and AFAA after passing.

In summary, certifications provide:

  • Assessments
  • Interaction
  • Coaching
  • Exams

And most of all, you have to get it right before you are passed, that applies to knowledge and technique.

Kettlebell Course and Certification Reviews

Nice course, well built! Learn at your own pace. Read the book and carefully watched the video on youtube twice 🙂

The way Cavemantraining set this up, it’s easy to follow, really verifies if you understand the concept and technique as well.

Jean-Robert Rioux

My name is Grant, I’m a full-time CrossFit L1 trainer and part-time Strength and conditioning coach in Rochester, N.Y. I spent the last week and a half engulfed in Cavemantrainings online Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 course. After successful completion of the course, I can confidently say it has made me a better coach and athlete. Cavemantraining avoided the tedious and mundane tasks that most online courses seem to follow. I felt engaged and looking forward to whatever lessons were in my line of sight.

Grant Mazur

This course delivered what it promised to deliver – that is – teaching you the fundamentals of kettlebell training in a very comprehensive and practical manner.

Each movement was broken down into as many little steps as possible and illustrated by numerous photos and videos from different angles so that you could learn the most minute details of the technique shown.

Every lesson ended with a practical exam where you have to demonstrate the skills you acquired by filming your technique when performing the exercises covered in the unit.

Herman Kaljo

The Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 is a course that I highly recommend to anyone at any level of training. No matter what level you are at, you will get something out of this course. The manual is full of information that is easy to follow and within the course itself there are plenty of video clips as well as audio to suit the needs of all learners. The support and feedback from your assessor as you progress through the course is unique because it is specific to you and how you can improve your skills as you learn.

Nikki Banks

The best literature on all things Snatch with the kettlebell on the World Wide Web! A go-to for beginners and advanced kettlebell practitioners seeking knowledge.

Michael Ajibulu

This course covered it all from basic movement patterns to half snatch to snatch, theory on anatomy, physics, common mistakes & exercise(s) (also related exercises to the snatch). The course offered a very good development process from start to finish. The tutorials are great as well as the coaching, which was extended, without asking or paying for it to several hours of support and video analysis. I can clearly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start & / or develop his/her snatch game, either it is hardstyle or sports style snatch.

Andreas Ostendorf
Kettlebell Training Fundamentals

An online kettlebell certification that is suitable for trainers and those training at-home or in the gym. Learn all the important things about kettlebell training and lay a solid foundation upon which you can safely progress without injury.

Covers the basic and fundamental exercises of kettlebell training. Only one kettlebell required. Whether you want to get better at using a kettlebell in Crossfit classes or want to start your kettlebell journey safely with a clear progression, this is the online course for you.

Kettlebell Clean Certification

A certificate is provided upon passing. Involves assessments and exams but not required for at-home users. Only one kettlebell required for intermediate (Level I) and two kettlebells required for advanced (Level II).

Whether you’re a crossfitter or a kettlebell enthusiast, this is the course that will teach you how to master the kettlebell clean and stop banging your wrist. For personal trainers, this course adds a ton of new exercises and also lays a clear progression for clients.

Kettlebell Sport for Beginners Certification

You only need one kettlebell to participate in this online kettlebell course. You will receive a certificate of completion for the course and can also receive certificates for completing 5, 10, or more minutes of unbroken clean and jerk.

This course takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about the kettlebell clean and jerk to be able to perform many reps of unbroken clean and jerk, either for competition or for at-home workouts.

Kettlebell Snatch Certification

A certificate is provided upon passing. Involves assessments and exams but not required for at-home users. Only one kettlebell required.

Whether you’re a crossfitter or kettlebell enthusiast that wants to be able to perform high rep snatches without ripping the hands or bruising the wrists, this course will take your snatching from zero to the next level. For trainers, this course will provide a clear progression and also variations of the snatch to use in programming.

CAVEMANROM Certification

A certificate is provided upon passing. Involves assessments and exams but not required for at-home users. one kettlebell required. CAVEMANROM is for athletes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA fighters, Crossfitters, Kettlebell enthusiasts, and everyday people. It is for everyone that wants to move better, function better, feel better.


All of the above kettlebell certifications are fully online and you will be able to download the study material after enrolling. The video material is streamed directly to your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone for viewing. After successful completion of the certification, you will receive an official certificate for the course you completed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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