Kettlebell EMOM Workout

Short 12-Minute Kettlebell Workout

This is a 12-minute short kettlebell workout that you can do with one or two kettlebells. You can adjust the intensity by going heavier and increasing the speed. Make sure to check out the video below and also how to adjust this for a beginner.

The workout is a 12-minute EMOM which means Every Minute On the Minute you perform a task, that task is a kettlebell combo of the following exercises:

  • Clean from dead
  • Swing
  • Snatch
  • 3 × Gorilla clean
  • 4 × squat (no weight)

That combo takes about 30 seconds to complete, so that would give you 30 seconds to rest. If you want to increase the intensity, then you complete the squats racked with the kettlebells. So, rather than putting the weights down before doing the squats, just keep them racked and perform the squats.

Beginner Workout Scaling

For beginners, the workout can be scaled as follows.
Instead of two, use one kettlebell and switch after each combo.
Replace the snatch with a clean and push press.
Replace the Gorilla clean with a hang clean, i.e. 3 hang cleans on the same side.

The objective is to complete the task as fast as possible, the faster you work the higher the heart rate will spike, also, the weight selection comes into play. So, if you’re just starting out with this workout, pick a lighter weight and slower pace, as you repeat the workout, go heavier and increase the pace. Eventually, when you get really fit, also keep the kettlebells up and squat with the added weight. This will really shoot that heart rate up.

Another great way to build up with this workout is following the beginner options, i.e. working with one kettlebell, then two, increasing weight, and performing the squats with the added weight, but only for the first 4 rounds, and doing the remaining 8 rounds/minutes without. When you repeat the workout, go for 6, then 8, 10, and finally the full 12 rounds/minutes.

So, there really are a lot of scaling options for this quick short and intense interval workout:

  1. Complete with 1 kettlebell
  2. Replace the snatch with a clean and push-press
  3. Replace the Gorilla clean with a hang clean
  4. Complete with 2 kettlebells
  5. Perform the snatch
  6. Perform the Gorilla clean
  7. Perform the first 4 rounds with added weight to the squats
  8. Increase from 4 to 6 rounds with added weight to the squats
  9. Increase from 6 to 8
  10. Increase from 8 to 10
  11. And finally perform the full 12 rounds with the added weight to the squats
  12. From there you work to increase the weight

Heart Rate Graph

Here’s a heart rate graph from one of our inner circle members Conor. As the graph shows, the heart rate goes up and down as expected with an interval workout (work rest and repeat). Conor used 2 × 12kg/25lbs. With an average of 159 BPM and a max of 174 BPM, it is clear that this can be an intense workout. A quick short 12-minute intense workout is all you need to get your day started.

Interval workout heart rate graph.

If you’ve completed this workout, come and tag us in our 42,000+ kettlebell community with your results. The workout is called Alagonia by Cavemantraining.

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