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Kettlebell Workouts

If you’re looking for awesome kettlebell workouts to download and do, look no further, we’ve listed several of our favourite kettlebell workouts below, most come with a free PDF and video. Check it out!


A brute of a workout

Heavy kettlebell WODThis is DUO BRUTUS, a heavy kettlebell WOD. A brute of a workout that leaves you dead on the ground at the end.

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A Not So Nice Kettlebell Ladder

A not so nice kettlebell ladder: clean, squat, and snatch. This workout comes with basic details (this page), two videos explaining the workout, a printable PDF with 11 pages of information about scaling, the exercises, weight, etc. Enjoy!

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A birthday WOD

I named this WOD very creatively: Taco44.

Because it’s my 44th birthday today, I hope you share my pain and sweat today. Share your results below or on Facebook.

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WOD Barbell + Kettlebell + Calisthenics

This WOD is called DOSMIO, as in ¡Dios mío!, or “oh my god!”, but with Dos instead of Dios, because the reps are two. Two in Spanish is Dos.

Reps and weight are kept low to focus on technique. You could see this as a 24 minute WOD that allows you to train.

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Kettlebell WOD Nemesis

Could this be your nemesis?

This workout is well suited for anyone doing GPP, but particularly well suited for Crossfitters, MMA and BJJ fighters.
One workout with specific parts that focus on: strength, isometrics, power, flexibility, plyometrics, cardio and more. The workout comes with a video and free pdf to download.

Kettlebell WOD Lassus

Kettlebell WOD for Crossfitters, MMA and BJJ Fighters

You know how you get that red faced look, sweating like you just turned the shower on and weak in the knees after a good WOD? Well, now you can experience that 4 times in this awesome kettlebell WOD for Crossfitters, BJJ and MMA fighters, and of course anyone training for GPP (General Physical Preparedness). The workout comes with a video and free pdf to download.

Kettlebells Beach Workout

A Pulling Focussed Workout

4 pulling and 1 pushing exercise, the hang clean, half snatch, chin-up and pull-up are all pulling exercises. If you want more pulling you can turn the snatch into a hang snatch rather than a swing snatch which is demonstrated in the video. The workout comes with a video and free pdf to download.


Train hard and train smart!

Three short AMRAPs and 1 task FOR TIME all in one session. The workout comes with a video and a free PDF to download with more details on the workout plus step by step images.


This is an advanced kettlebell workout with two kettlebells

This advanced workout includes the Worlds Best Kettlebell Combo, it’s a real killer.

The workout comes with a video and maybe a free PDF to download by the time you view this.

Kettlebell Workout "More, Not Less"

This is an advanced kettlebell workout with two kettlebells

Kettlebell workout for CrossFit, BJJ and MMA, this workout is the bomb, it ticks all the boxes: explosive, strength, cardio, tough, simple but effective, two kettlebells and working through all planes of motion.

The workout comes with a video and free PDF to download.

One Four Six WOD

One of my favourite WODs

Sometimes you got one of these amazing combinations that you just don’t care what the objective is, who cares what muscles it works! But that aside, this one works your full body and tests everything you have. Comes with video and instructions.

The Galley Slave WOD

Named by our audience for one of the new exercises

This core workout consists of several tasks FOR TIME. If you like the Russian twist you should try this new variation. Comes with video.

Cinco Tres Cinco

Five reps, three exercises, five rounds

This workout includes barbell work, great to do in your CrossFit box. Comes with a video.

WOD HSPU Jerk and Snatch

Great CrossFit WOD with EMOM included

Kettlebell workout for CrossFit. Comes with video. Advanced workout.

Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

A Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

One major advantage that kettlebells have over dumbbells is that you don’t need a wide range of weight increments to create a workout with them.