Pay for a Kettlebell Workout!? LOL Just Google it

Someone posted today “$30 for a workout!? LOL, just Google for a workout”. Is that person right or wrong?

He’s not wrong in that you can Google and find plenty of free kettlebell workouts. We even have hundreds of kettlebell workouts out there for free. Just the workout, which means if you would compare it to medicine from the doctor, not be accompanied with information on side effects, how often to take the prescription, when to stop, what to expect, and you can’t go asking any questions when things go wrong. You hope that the prescription you found is the one you need.

You can easily Google a better kettle bell work out. $30? A $60 T shirt? 😂 Be more realistic

Benjamin Wilcox

Anyone who has some programming knowledge knows their goals, and has their form and technique sorted, can benefit from these free workouts, as they know why it’s been programmed the way it is, they also know how to scale and adjust to suit them if that’s needed. Others will just grab the weight they think is right and perform everything as prescribed, they generally end up injured.

So, is a free workout worth it? Yes, it is if you know what you’re doing, and to know what you’re doing you need to invest time to understand the concept of programming for many fitness goals with kettlebells.

It’s also worth it if you’re just into general fitness and usually just stick to light weight and don’t go too crazy.

You also don’t know if the prescription (workout) was written by a doctor who knows what they’re doing and if they have years of experience, and so many other factors that could lead to you ending up in the hospital or not getting the results that you were after.

Is it worth paying for workouts that have been designed by a professional who has been designing workouts for over 2 decades? Yes, it is if you want things easy, if you want to have access to that professional for questions and to be able to adjust the workout to suit your exact needs. It is if, on top of that, you also want videos that include follow-along warm-up, follow-along prep work, follow-along workout, and follow-along cooldown.

It doesn’t even end there, because you also get videos that cover common mistakes usually made in the workout. There are videos that cover a breakdown of the exact technique expected to stay safe and make sure the workout is effective. Details on how to program and adjust the workout. It doesn’t even stop there, but enough on that.

The person was wrong about the value of the workout but also about the price, as $30 is just the joining fee after you are accepted to the private group which requires filling out a questionnaire. Then it’s just $21.95 a month for 4 workouts a week, which comes down to under $6 per workout. But it doesn’t stop there as you also get immediate access to over 250 workouts because the private group has been running for over 5 years. Do the math.

This person also said you can find “better” in Google, I’m pretty confident that no kettlebell professional will spend 2 days on video production and workout design to then provide that for free to the world.

PS. The t-shirt he refers to is a t-shirt for Certified trainers only, i.e. those that pass the online kettlebell certification and get a discount voucher. The price is to discourage dishonest people from buying the shirt and wearing it. We have kettlebell t-shirts starting as low as $22.

PPS. The reason I invested time into writing a post about this is that this person’s objective was to rally others by posting publicly in a 48,000 group that we spend a lot of time managing and publishing useful content in.

PPS. Not to be anal, but it’s Kettlebell and not Kettle Bell.

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