Kettlebell Advocate Affiliate

Kettlebell Training/Cavemantraining Advocate

Get paid to do what you love doing!

Do you enjoy kettlebell training and workouts? Do you work out regularly and are very active on social media?

We’re looking for several kettlebell training advocates that will work with us for a long time and want to get paid each month to simply keep doing what they’re already doing:

  1. Motivating others
  2. Answer questions
  3. Helping others
  4. Promoting quality content

We’re not looking for spammers. We’re looking for people that:

  1. Are familiar with our work or want to become familiar with it
  2. Believe in what we promote
  3. Enjoy our workouts

The benefits of becoming a Cavemantraining advocate are, but not limited to:

  1. Regular pay
  2. Potentially free access to some of our content:
    • Online course material
    • Ebooks
    • Follow-along workouts
    • Private groups
  3. Potentially added as group experts
  4. Earn money as a sales affiliate (optional)

As a Cavemantraining advocate, you will be paid each month. Depending on your participation, interaction, experience, and other details that will be discussed before approval you will get content access and other benefits that will help improve your training and/or motivation. Apply now.


Q: Do I need to spend a lot of time?
A: The amount of time you spend each month is agreed upon prior to approval and can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours a month of time invested

Q: Do I need to spend the agreed time each month?
A: To get paid the agreed amount you would need to invest the time that was agreed upon

Q: Where do I post?
A: Anywhere that you would normally post on social media but including our groups which attribute to over 150k members combined

Q: Can you give me an example of locations?
A: Facebook profile, Facebook groups, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Q: Can you give me an example of a post?
A: “I completed an awesome kettlebell workout called THE PACE MAKER”, or “I’ve been working on perfecting a kb combo called Asgard”

Q: Can I ask questions?
A: Yes, you will have access to us for questions and brainstorming

Q: Do I need to be some social media celebrity?
A: No, the more real you are the better

Q: Do I need to be a kettlebell expert?
A: No

Q: Do I need to have a large social media following?
A: No (although great), we can help you understand how and where to post (including our groups)

Q: Do I need to act or lie?
A: No, we are only after real people

Q: In what currency is the payment made?
A: All payments are made in USD

Q: Do you provide support?
A: In some cases, we can provide a certain amount of support in the form of ideas, graphics, videos, and custom content

Q: What is a sales affiliate and how much do they make?
A: A sales affiliate is someone that signs up here and after approval receives a code to include with any links to our website; when a sale is made from that link 15% to 100% of the product value is paid out

Application Process

The application process is to send us an email at with the subject heading of Cavemantraining Advocate Application and include details about yourself, social media, and why you believe to be a good candidate to become an advocate or evangelist for Cavemantraining.

If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, we highly recommend that you follow up as we always reply to each and every email. It could be that your email got missed, spammed, or just didn’t reach us.

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