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How to Start With Kettlebell Training and Workouts as a Complete Beginner?

If you’ve never held or worked with a kettlebell before and are a complete beginner to kettlebell training and workouts, then you must be wondering “how to start with kettlebell training?; What is the best way to get started with kettlebells?”. Luckily, all the answers you’re looking for to get started with kettlebell workouts are here.

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As a complete newbie to kettlebells, you could be in one of two mindsets, one is to dive straight in and figure out how to get started with kettlebell workouts, and the other is, to take a more calculated approach and figure out how to get started at the bottom and learn all the important (boring) stuff to stay injury free and keep making progress. I won’t go into the pitfalls of one of them, but I will say that my preference is for people to start at the beginning, invest a bit more time, and take a lot longer before diving into the deep end with kettlebell workouts. Usually, the quick route leads to a vicious cycle of injury, stopping, starting, and repeating that process.

For a beginner kettlebell workout, you want to make sure it is a simple workout with easy-to-learn exercises that are important. If you’re only doing one workout for your routine, then you want to make sure it works the full body. A workout with the following kettlebell exercises is what you want to look for:

  1. swings
  2. squats
  3. presses
  4. rows

If you want to dive straight into working out with kettlebells and learn as you go, then the best approach is to get yourself the Kettlebell Home Workout for Beginners + Journal. It has everything you need to get a full kettlebell workout in with one kettlebell and at the same time have one routine that you can log in to your journal for a while. You can download the instructions to your computer right now or you can order the printed book from Amazon. To be honest, at that price, you can get both.

After sticking to that routine for a while, you might be ready to add more exercises or venture into more exciting workouts like AMRAP, EMOM, FOR TIME, etc. If you want to add some kettlebell exercises to your routine, then the chest press and snatch would be two great exercises to add. There are kettlebell workouts books with many kettlebell workouts that you could look at learning, or you could upgrade your program to a full-on strength and hypertrophy program called Prometheus Phase II but it would require a bigger selection of kettlebells as a single kettlebell for that program won’t do. If you want to stick with a single kettlebell or upgrade just one more kettlebell then THE PACE MAKER is the program to dive into for some serious fitness and endurance.

Correct Kettlebell Technique

Ok, so, you got up to here and I will therefore assume that you are in the right mindset to start your kettlebell journey, you are in it for the long haul and are not looking for shortcuts. You want to get it right and learn the correct kettlebell technique. Here are some important things to investigate and learn:

  1. Correct Kettlebell Grips 
  2. Correct Kettlebell Racking 
  3. Correct Kettlebell Form
  4. Correct Kettlebell Technique

Truth be told, grips and racking are part of form and technique, but because they’re so often overlooked, I wanted to give them a mention on their own.

You want to learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training. The following lays a good path for learning in the right order, and it starts with the fundamentals and then continues on to advanced:

  1. Fundamentals: Training
  2. Fundamentals: Single Kettlebell
  3. Fundamentals: Grip Transition
  4. Fundamentals: Basic Kettlebell Exercises
  5. Fundamentals: Form and Technique
  6. Fundamentals: Avoiding Common Mistakes
  7. Fundamentals: Strength
  8. Fundamentals: Control
  9. Intermediate: Working Out
  10. Intermediate: Speed
  11. Intermediate: Endurance
  12. Intermediate: Programming Your Own Workouts
  13. Intermediate: Intermediate Kettlebell Exercises
  14. Advanced: Volume
  15. Advanced: Double Kettlebell
  16. Advanced: Advanced Kettlebell Exercises
  17. Advanced: Flows
  18. Advanced: Juggling
  19. Advanced: Complexes

Of course, there is a whole lot more in between those steps, but that’s kind of the rudimentary idea of how one should approach their kettlebell journey.

There is a lot of free kettlebell content out there, even on our website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. there is just about everything you need, but it takes time to put it all together and in the right order. In our shop you can purchase everything that you need for each step of your journey in the form of books, videos, courses, certifications, and more:

And the list goes on, but the above is a great progression to work with, one book, course, or certification at a time.

Kettlebell Fundamentals 

A bit more info about the fundamentals, and know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Kettlebell Correct Grip

When it comes to kettlebell grips, the most common and correct grip is the kettlebell hook grip and loose grip or racking grip. The hook grip is not the be confused with the barbell hook grip. We’ve published a whole free ebook on all kettlebell grips which you can download here, no payment is required during the checkout process.

Good Kettlebell Hand Insertion

Correct Spelling

Certainly not something vital, but definately something that you do want to get right. If you’re a beginner, you might be wondering whether kettlebell is spelled with one word or two. The correct spelling of the word is KETTLEBELL. Not kettle bell, kettle ball, or kettleball.

Kettlebell Correct Hand Position

The free PDF for the grips also covers hand position, but the hand position becomes the most important when kettlebell racking is concerned. A good hand position will avoid forearm bruising and a lot of other issues. The correct hand position for kettlebell racking is covered in a lot of details, but again, still only the tip of the iceberg, in our free kettlebell racking PDF which you can also download from our website here. Once you realize that a simple topic like grips and racking can have so much information, then you can understand how the whole of kettlebell training has as many books, videos, and courses as are delivered through our online kettlebell shop.

Kettlebell Incorrect versus Correct Hand Insertion

Kettlebell Correct Information

When you search for or receive kettlebell information, you need to make sure that you receive it from a reliable source. You should obtain information within the back of your mind knowing that there are organizations that are biased toward a certain style or way of doing things. They have only one goal in mind, strength, power, or endurance, and that’s not to say it’s wrong, it’s not wrong to focus on just one thing. It is wrong to put other things down just because they don’t function the same or work toward the same goals that they’re interested in.

Our philosophy has always been to believe no one and always do your own research, even when it comes to our information. Read it, process it, analyze it, test it, question it, play with it, and make a decision based on that.

Other things to take into consideration are how long they’ve been working with kettlebells, how many students have they taught, how many books have they sold on Amazon, etc. We’ve been in the kettlebell industry for nearly two decades, have taught nearly 20,000 students across the world, and sold thousands of kettlebell books on Amazon and even more in digital format.

Beginner Kettlebell Workout

I’ve covered a lot of information that will get any kettlebell beginner started on their kettlebell journey. I will leave you with this beginner kettlebell workout, which has enough information to get you going but know that there is a whole ebook available that shows photos and has step-by-step instructions.

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